atLast Lens

 atLast! Enhanced Multifocals are now available in the new Composite 59 material in addition to Composite 67.
Polar365™ Polarized Lenses

atLast! Composite 59 will offer the following benefits:
-A lens material option that is perfect for the majority of prescriptions (polycarbonate represents nearly half of all spectacle lenses sold in the US)
-Lower cost option for moderate prescriptions
-Thin & lightweight
-Durable and impact resistant – combines the best of both worlds of polycarbonate and Trivex
atLast! Enhanced Multifocals is a proprietary lens that incorporates revolutionary composite lens design technology to provide the spacious, continuous intermediate vision missing in standard multifocals. 

This unique design:
-Spans 4 Ranges of Vision:  Near, Intermediate, Far-Intermediate, Distance

- Provides continuous, uninterrupted vision from Near to 5’ away - increasing the range of Near and Intermediate vision more than 10X that of a bifocal

-Incorporates a soft power jump as the eye moves from distance to Far-Intermediate

-Offers wide, clear distance vision

-No external segment lines; smooth to the touch

-Appears lineless when viewed on the wearer