Essilor Computer Lens

Luzerne Optical is pleased to introduce: Essilor Visual Fatigue Solutions™ Lenses Designed to combat symptoms of Visual Fatigue Syndrome Features & Benefits: Essilor Computer™ Lenses are recommended for any presbyope experiencing tired eyes, blurred vision, headaches, or neck and shoulder pain, and are intended to be prescribed as a second pair to complement the patient’s primary pair of progressive lenses. Benefits Include: • Distance Vision: Unlike any other computer lens, offers effective clear vision at distance by tipping your head down slightly. This lens is intended for indoor use and does not replace your primary pair. • Ordered the same as all other progressive addition lenses. Availability: Design: Asymmetric R/L Material: Airwear™ - Poly Rx Range: -6.00 to +7.00 (total near power) Cyl to -4.00