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Introducing Optifog™ a new breakthrough technology with superior anti-fog properties.

In daily activities at home, work and play, fogged lenses can be a real bother for eyeglass wearers.

Optifog is a new breakthrough technology with superior anti-fog properties. It has an advanced anti-fog top coat that, when combined with the Optifog Activator, provides long lasting fog free vision. The top coat and the Activator work together like Velcro. Each of their unique properties combine to create a revolutionary anti-fog solution.



How often should Optifog lenses be reactivated with the Optifog Activator?
Only once a week in normal conditions
• Wearer tests have shown the lenses maintain their anti-fog performance at least a week without reactivating them.
• Lenses should be reactivated when the anti-fog performance is diminishing.
• Cleaning with water removes the Optifog Activator. Lenses may need to be reactivated sooner if they have been in contact with water.

How is the Optifog Activator applied?
1. Shake the Optifog Activator
2. Apply 1 drop on each side of your Optifog lenses
3. Gently wipe the lens surfaces, making sure to coat the entire lens

How long will the Optifog Activator bottle last?
About 6 months with normal use.
1 bottle = 5 ml = 100 drops
1 application = 4 drops (one drop on each side of the Optifog lenses)
1 application per week = 4 drops per week


Where can I order a replenishment bottle of the Optifog Activator?
Consumers will be able to purchase replenishment Activator kits from their ECP Online price will be $10/bottle.

Does the Optifog Activator damage the lens treatment (No-Glare or Hard Coat)?
No, the Optifog Activator does not damage the lens. The Optifog Activator has no impact on the No-Glare stack or hard coat.


A few recommendations to better use Optifog Activator
The Optifog Activator is not dangerous, however here are a few recommendations:
• Keep away from your eyes: if the concentrate gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist.
• Do not swallow it: if the Activator ingested, drink one cup of cold water or milk. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist.
• Keep it away from children
• Not use it as a contact lens solution
• Do not inhale: if the Activator is inhaled, just move to fresh air and breath normally. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist.
• Minimize skin contact: in case of prolonged skin contact, just wash your skin with soap and cold water.
Note: detailed information regarding Optifog Activator usage can be found in each Optifog Activator kit.


How do Optifog lenses perform without the Optifog Activator?
Anti-Fog performance:
- Optifog lenses do not repel fog without the Optifog Activator
- The anti-fog performance is activated by the Optifog Activator
- It works as a complete system; when combined, Optifog and Optifog Activator provide clear, durable fog-free vision

No-Glare efficiency:
Optifog Activator has no impact on No-Glare efficiency; it remains the same with or without the Optifog Activator

Scratch resistance:
The Optifog Activator has no impact on the Scratch resistance.
It remains the same with or without the concentrate.

Dust repellence:
The Optifog Activator has no impact on the Dust repellence.
It remains the same with or without the concentrate.


How can Optifog lenses be cleaned?
• Clean the new Optifog lenses the way you clean the other lenses:
- Simply wipe Optifog lenses with a dry microfiber cloth.
- If stubborn fingerprints or smudges persist, you can always wash your glasses with clear water and mild soap. Rinse well and dry gently with a smooth cloth.
- Avoid using rough paper and fabrics (shirttail, tie, etc.), and stay away from ammonia-based cleaning products.
• The Optifog Activator also cleans the lens. Therefore, you may clean your lens and re-activate the fog repellence properties at the same time
• Be aware that most water-based liquids remove the Optifog Activator.You may have to reactivate your lenses earlier if they have been in contact with water.

What will happen if I stop using the Optifog Activator for an extended period of time?
As soon as you begin using the Optifog Activator again it will reactivate the anti-fog repellence property.


How should the Optifog Activator be stored?
Ideally, the Optifog Activator should be stored above 40F and below 130F. If the liquid freezes, just bring it back to room temperature and then shake it thoroughly before use.

For best results, we recommend using the Optifog Activator within its' expiration date of 3 years from date of manufacture.