OPTICOTE Mirror Coatings

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Customers want quality and the ability to make a fashion statement. Opticote provides you with quality AR coatings for your Rx lenses along with the most stylish colors in mirror coatings for your Rx sunwear.

Cool colors make the New York Collection the perfect accessories. The Miami Collection features tropical colors for a look that says "hot." Vibrant Chicago Collection colors reflect “big-city energy” while the glamorous Los Angeles Collection simply oozes "star power."




Sunwear paired with Opticote mirror coatings blocks additional sunlight and reduces harsh glare by 10-15% with a solid mirror, and by 5-8% with a flash mirror. The added reflective properties of sunwear with mirror coatings add to the comfort of anyone suffering from outdoor light sensitivity.

Mirrors can be applied in several styles:

• Solid or flash mirrors cover the whole lens evenly.
• Gradients start with mirror coating at the top of the lens and fade evenly to transparent at the bottom.
• Double Gradients start at the top and bottom of the lens and fade evenly to transparent in the center.



Flash and clear mirrors add a luminous quality to photochromic lenses while they’re in their clear state - but when they darken, the effect adds a “wow” factor that is impossible to ignore! (Solid mirrors should never be added to a photochromic lens, as the coating will prevent the lens from darkening.)

Polycarbonate is the substrate of choice for mirrored lenses since they are primarily used outdoors. Polarized polycarbonate lenses with a mirror coating are excellent for blocking disabling glare from flat, reflective surfaces like water, roads, sand, snow and even the hood of a car while driving. Direct, blinding sunlight also becomes a non-issue. These lenses are laminated, and offer enhanced shatter-resistance.

OPTICOTE AR Mirror Coatings


• Brown lenses change the way that colors are perceived by the wearer, enabling you to see bumps and dips in terrain more easily. Great for drivers and skiers: greens pop, while blues wash away.

• Dark gray lenses provides the best color reproduction.

• Dark green lenses are an excellent all-around base color and offers similar benefits as brown.

• The darker the lens color, the more visible the mirror coating will be.


Backside AR / Premium Topcoat:

Backside AR eliminates backside glare, which contributes to eye fatigue and eye strain. Lenses treated with a premium topcoat that is oleophobic/hydrophobic are easier to clean and preserve the luster of the mirror coating.


Mirror Freatures & Benefits:

Solid mirrors in silver, blue and gold are the timeless classics of the sunwear world.

Flash mirrors give a sparkle to the eyes but do not overwhelm.

Gradients are functional activity mirrors and can also be used when a full mirror is not required. They provide additional protection in bright sunlight and create a great “after-hours” look on a clear lens.

Double Gradients (mirrored at the top and bottom of the lens) are functional mirrors that are perfect for skiing, or ice and water sports. A polarized lens compliments this look perfectly when dealing with blinding glare from above, or reflected from the ground below.