FreeForm Lenses

Free Form Lenses:
  • Free Form Lens Technology & Design

    Freeform lens Technology & Design, is also known as: Free Form lenses, Digital Surfacing, Digitized, Internal Free-Form, FingerPrint Surfacing, Customized, Precise-Form, Backside/ Back-Surface, Dual-Surface, Wavefront, HD and High Definition. [more]

  • Luzerne Optical Lenses

    Luzerne Optical Lenses [more]

  • Varilux Digital WAVE 2

    Essilor Digital 360 WAVE 2 Freeform Lens: Available on the following products: - Varilux Physio 360º® lenses - Varilux Physio Short 360ºTM lenses - Varilux Comfort 360ºTM lenses - Varilux Ellipse 360ºTM lenses [more]

  • Definity DUAL ADD 2.0

    Definity DUAL ADD Lenses: Introducing the latest technological innovation from DEFINITY® lenses: The newly designed back surface features a unique multi-design technology that provides wider vision across all zones (near, intermediate, and distance). [more]

  • Essilor Digital Lenses

    The Essilor Ideal™ Lenses delivers effortless vision in a full back side lens design. Patients benefit by experiencing effortless viewing across the lens with reduced eye strain. There are noted improvements in peripheral viewing as well and wide corridor [more]

  • Shamir Freeform Lenses

    Shamir Autograph® - Shamir Product Catalog Freeform® 101 Okay, here’s the skinny. Autograph® is a Freeform® lens. Still not quite sure what the differences between semi finished PALs and Freeform® PALs are? We’ve got you covered... semi-finished progr [more]

  • Seiko Free-Form Lens

    Seiko Free-form Progressive lenses are also know as: Digital Surfacing, Digitized, Internal Free-Form, FingerPrint Surfacing, Customized, Precise-Form, Backside/ Back-Surface, Dual-Surface, Free Form lenses, Wavefront, HD and High Definition. [more]

  • Zeiss Personalized Lenses

    Carl Zeiss Lens: “Free-form” or “direct surfacing” technology holds the potential to free eyeglass wearers from the optical compromises of traditional, mass-produced progressive lenses. Carl Zeiss Vision. [more]

  • Kodak Unique Lens

    KODAK Unique™ Lenses are digitally-created backside progressives designed with Vision First Technology™. The technology used to create KODAK Unique Lenses selects the corridor length for each patient’s Rx based on the frame size and shape, monocular PD an [more]

  • Hoya Free Form Lenses

    Introducing Hoya Lenses: HOYALUX iD Lenses - the one and only progressive lens with Integrated Double-Surface Design. HOYA's patented new HOYALUX iD corrects visual distortions -before the eyes have to! HOYALUX iD, HOYA NULUX, HOYALUX iD LifeStyle & HOYA [more]

  • Sola Lens / AO Lens

    Carl Zeiss SOLA’s Exclusive HD Technology: Rx Optimization AO Lens (American Optical) | Sola HD Lenses: HD Technology creates the ideal lens design surface for each wearer’s combination of sphere power, cylinder power, cylinder axis and Add power. All HD  [more]

  • Kaenon Freestyle Lenses

    Kaenon Polarized SR-91 Freestyle (FreeForm) Progressive Lenses in-house. Kaenon Polarized SR-91 offers the highest optical quality of the finest glass lens with the ultra-light weight and impact resistance of the best polycarbonate lenses. [more]