Build your practice with the Visioffice® system – the most unique, interactive measuring and sales tool available today Deliver the most precise, individualized vision Visioffice is the first and only universal measuring system that allows you to obtain every possible parameter needed for today's individualized lenses. Only the Visioffice system measures a revolutionary new parameter—the real 3D position of the Eye Rotation Center for each eye—so you can dispense Essilor's unique eyecode™ lenses. With eyecode lenses, your patients get the most precise vision possible, no matter where they look through the lens—instantly and effortlessly. An all-in-one system for a full range of measurements for every patient — from single vision to the most sophisticated progressive designs: Eye Rotation Center: Each of our eyes rotates around a fixed point called the Eye Rotation Center (ERC). Only Visioffice measures the real 3D position of each eye's unique ERC to create the most individualized lenses possible—eyecode lenses Natural head posture: Is unique to each person and can vary widely, impacting lens performance Eye position: Monocular PDs, fitting heights Wearing parameters: Vertex distance, wrap angle, pantoscopic angle Visual behavior: Natural head posture and head/eye movements are measured and recorded Frame measurements: A and B measurements, DBL But the Visioffice system does so much more.