Transitions XTRActive

Why should i recommend transitions XTRActive lenses? Transitions XTRActive lenses let you offer your patients a wider choice of Transitions lenses. Some of your patients who do not choose Transitions VI lenses will be very pleased to have this new option, as Transitions XTRActive lenses: • Are darker outdoors than Transitions VI lenses, in normal and hot temperatures • Have a slight tint indoors while Transitions VI lenses are completely clear indoors • Have a slower fade back than Transitions VI lenses • Activate to a comfortable level of tint when driving inside a car • Block 100% of UVA and UVB rays as well as provide UV 400 protection—as do all Transitions lens products Transitions XTRActive are the darkest, everyday Transitions lens available… •�� Offering superior darkness outdoors in the brightest conditions; moderate darkness behind the windshield of a car; and a slight tint indoors. •�� Transitions XTRActive lenses provide outstanding visual comfort—plus the convenience of wearing the same pair of glasses both indoors and out. •�� They also offer protection against UV (up to 400 nanometers) and glare.