Optical Specialties

    •   Luzerne Optical offers unique, exclusive and trademarked products such as: 

SightStar™ Progressive Lenses, Photo.Fashion™ Photochromic Color Lenses, Polar365™ Polarized Lenses and DuraCurve™ Aspheric Contact Lenses.
    •   Recognized as a leading provider of specialty lenses with only the highest standards. Few laboratories match Luzerne’s commitment to quality.  The laboratory excels in taking on unusual and difficult jobs avoided by most labs such as:  slab-offs, quadra-focals, reverse slab-offs and myodiscs.
    •   Latest technology in Freeform lens production. (Also known as:  Digital Surfacing, Internal Free-Form, FingerPrint Surfacing, Customized, Precise-Form, Backside, Wavefront and HD.)
    •   Low Vision eyewear such as prismatic half eyes, hi-lite glass, lenticular and microscopic lenses.
    •   One of the largest Varilux distributors in the country.
    •   Luzerne houses an award winning Gas Permeable contact lens laboratory manufacturing custom made lenses.  Exclusive FeelSoft™ Plasma Treatment applied in-house.  Authorized by all GP manufacturers and the leading brands they have available.  Expert consultation, providing spherical, aspheric, lenticular, toric, multifocal, keratoconus and ortho-k- designs.
    •   Our lab uses special clean room facilities to produce super hard scratch coatings, mirror and AR coatings by Teflon, Zeiss/Carat & Essilor/Crizal, Kodak & Teflon. Luzerne Optical may be the only lab in the USA to produce so many leading brands under one roof.