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Optical Labs are announcing new products on a continual basis.
Below are the latest optical product announcements:


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Shamir Autograph III Lenses:

Introducing New Shamir Autograph III Lenses

  • New balanced progressive lens that is holistically adapted to the patient and ensures a clear and comfortable visual experience for all.
  • The lens offers “real solutions to address the individual visual issues of hyperopic and myopic presbyopes.


ZEISS Lauches Progressive Choice Freeform Lens Series:

Zeiss Choice, Zeiss Choice Plus & Zeiss Choice Plus V

  • Carl Zeiss Vision announces the launch of a new customized progressive lens series designed for the competitive market environment that eye care professionals face today..
  • The Choice series consists of three new progressive lenses: ZEISS Progressive Choice, ZEISS Progressive Choice Plus, and ZEISS Progressive Choice Plus V.


Seiko Supernal Lens Series:

Announcing Seiko Supernal

  • The first free-form lenses designed using an advanced 3D Virtual Reality System for improved lens design capabilities
  • The Supernal offers seven automatic semi-variable insets based on the prescription range from 1.75mm to 3.25mm, in 0.25mm increments.


Announcing our thinnest and flattest lenses,Thin&Lite® 1.74 lenses, are now available in Transitions® VI lenses photochromic lenses:

Thin&Lite 1.74 Transitions VI lenses offer the following benefits:

  • Ultra-thin and lightweight — Up to 50% thinner
    and 50% lighter than standard plastic 1.50 lenses
  • The flattest lens available — Up to three times flatter than standard plastic 1.50 index lenses.
  • Provides the optimal balance between outdoor darkness and indoor clarity and fade-back speed.
  • Blocks 100% of transmitted UVA and UVB rays.


The selective NO-GLARE TECHNOLOGY that works 3 WAYS TO filter OUT harmful light and provide OPTIMAL VISION

  • Selectively filters out harmful light (blue-violet & uv)
  • Allows beneficial light to pass through (visible light, including blue-turquoise)
  • Maintains excellent transparency (clear no-glare lens) for optimal vision at all


Announcing DEFINITY® 3 and DEFINITY® 3 PLUS will now be available in 1.74 Thin&Lite®

Dynamic split of the ADD power using patented DUAL ADD® technology leads to:

1. 35% less unwanted astigmatism versus competing PALs, 15% less than standard DEFINITY lenses
2. 4 out of 5 patients adapt immediately before leaving the office
3. Better performance at higher ADD powers
4. Improved performance in all visual zones versus standard DEFINITY lenses
5. DEFINITY 3 PLUS lenses feature all of the benefits listed above, and also provide added personalization from additional measurements: pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, and vertex.



iFDS - iFit Dispensing System™

Luzerne Optical is very excited to announce the release of the iFit Dispensing System™ Application for the Apple iPad IV or iPad Mini. The system app aids in eyewear selection, lens education and multifocal measurements. It features fully interactive Augmented Reality for consumer-oriented sales consultations.

The iFit Dispensing System takes pictures and five second video of patients to help them select their frame. They can see themselves wearing up to four frames on the screen and compare them. Pictures and videos can be e-mailed to the patient or be used to update their Facebook page.


CrownView Glass Free-form Lenses

First glass progressive free-form lens in the USA

  • CrownView & CrownView SV are Premium Digital Free-Form Progressive & Single Vision Glass Lenses
  • Soft progressive design with smooth power changes for effortless adaption and increased patient comfort.
  • ECP’s can differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage with premium glass lenses.



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