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Shamir FreeFrame Lenses

Shamir Autograph FreeFrame is a personal progressive lens with a unique design combining two state-of-the-art technologies:

FreeFrame TechnologyTM

Shamir’s FreeFrame Technology is a groundbreaking design tool enabling the lens to automatically adapt to the frame size and shape. It dynamically adjusts the corridor length and moves the reading zone to the most optimal position in the frame.


As-Worn TechnologyTM

Shamir’s unique As-Worn Technology bridges the geometric difference of the trial frame used by the physician when measuring the patient’s prescription, and the actual frame chosen by the patient. With As-Worn Technology, three essential measurements are determined: pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, and face-form angle of the patient’s eyewear. Necessary power changes are then calculated in order to develop a new Rx called The Manufactured Prescription. This ensures that the patient benefits from the perception accuracy of the physician’s original prescription.



Shamir Autograph FreeFrame for Cosmetic Optimization

The increased demand for rimless & nylon frames has made the lens’ cosmetic appearance a significant factor. Shamir Autograph FreeFrame’s new, optimized lens design ensures the flattest possible lens.


Shamir Autograph FreeFrame Benefits:

  • The freedom to choose any frame size and shape.
  • A minimum fitting height of 11mm and up.
  • A reading zone position that automatically adjusts to the frame, ensuring a complete reading zone with full addition.
  • Exceedingly wide reading and intermediate vision zones that are optimized according to the fitting height.
  • An incomparable cosmetic appearance.



How to Order Shamir Autograph FreeFrame

Please provide the following information when you order a Shamir Autograph FreeFrame lens:

  • Patient’s Prescription (prescription should be measured with a pantoscopic tilt of zero in the trial frame)
  • Frame Data: (A, B, DBL) or frame tracer file
  • Fitting height & Mono PD (far)
  • Face-form angle (Default 5˚)
  • Pantoscopic tilt (patient should hold his head in a natural position and look straight ahead while measuring. Default: 9˚)
  • Refracted vertex distance & back vertex distance (Default: 13mm)



How to verify the lens:

The Shamir Lab will provide the patient’s original prescription and The Manufactured Prescription. The latter is the prescription that should be read on the lens by the lens meter. You can only verify the lens with The Manufactured Prescription.



Available in a Wide Range of Materials

  • 1.5 Clear, Polarized & Transitions®
  • Drivewear® Activated by Transitions®
  • 1.53 Clear and Transitions®
  • Polycarbonate Clear, Polarized & Transitions®
  • SuperLiteTM 1.6 Clear & Transitions®
  • SuperLite 1.67 Clear, Polarized & Transitions®
  • SuperLite 1.74 Clear


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