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Chemistrie Clip-on Sunglasses (eyewear that clicks on)

Chemistrie Clipon Sunglasses





What are Chemistrie Sunlenses?


Clip Ons That Finally Make Sense For Your Patients.
(And for you!)


Chemistrie Sunlenses are magnetic click on sunlenses that fit seamlessly over primary lenses, eliminating the common problems you face with traditional clip-on eyewear.


Part of providing comprehensive eyecare is being able to offer the products your patients want and need. So when your patients ask you about clip-on sunwear for their primary lenses, we understand you’ve traditionally had two options:


  1. Push those patients toward a complete second pair of prescription lenses at a greater expense…
  2. Or sell them a clip-on product that was unsightly, ungainly, or required multiple repeat visits to your office for adjustment.

But now you have a different choice. A better choice. For your patients, and for your practice.


Chemistrie Sunlenses Are Click On, Clip On Sunlenses.

Introducing Chemistrie Sunlenses, the magnetic click-on lens layering system that can turn prescription eyewear into attractive, effective, polarized sunlenses.—in a snap! Or rather, a “click.”Chemistrie Sunleses are the first “click-on” clip-on—a durable, stylish sunglass product that matches the base cure of the existing primary pair, and attaches to the front of the lens using ingenious, virtually invisible embedded magnets. No bulky, bendy frames. No unsightly clips. And virtually no repeat visits to your office for a frame or clip-on adjustment. Imagine—click on sunlenses that match the outer surface of your patients’ lenses perfectly—giving them a lower cost, high-quality alternative to traditional clip-on sunwear, and expensive second pairs. And since Chemistrie Sunlenses work with virtually any type or style of frame, you can finally rest easy knowing your patients will be happy with the product you give them—because it virtually mimics the stylish frame choice they made under your guidance. Their cool glasses…can now become their cool sunglasses! In this section of our website, see for yourself how easy Chemistrie Sunlenses are to manufacture, how smart it is for your practice to offer them, and just how many styles and types of



Product features and benefits


Comfort, Style and Low Maintenance In Click On, Clip On Sunglasses


That’s the Chemistrie Sunlenses promise

Invented by a lifelong optician with over 15 years of bench experience, Chemistrie Sunlenses change everything you thought about clip-on eyewear because they change the way clip-on’s work, forever.

Chemistrie Sunlenses click directly onto the primary pair of lenses using virtually invisible built-in lens magnets—2mm accent magnets strategically embedded within the periphery of the lens surfaces.

Since each click on sunlens product is custom-created to match the base curve of the original prescription, the end result is a 100% UV-protected, polarized “clip-on” sunlens that clicks seamlessly onto the surface of the primary pair, keeping out aberrant sunlight, wind, and dust. That also means Chemistrie Sunlenses can be fitted to virtually any frame style or design, new or old, because they use the lenses themselves (with magnets) as the point of attachment.


Features and benefits of Chemistrie Sunlenses.

No matter what the frame or base prescription, Chemistrie Sunlenses are a whole new way of looking at detachable sunlenses. Because your patients are no longer chained to bulky frames, prongs, hooks or browbars, you can virtually eliminate repeated time-consuming adjustments and complaints about scratched frames or “heavy-feeling” lenses.


Chemistrie Sunlenses are:

  • Custom-created per patient order to match the base curve of the original prescription
  • Manufactured to fit virtually any frame style or lens type, including the most popular lens substrates*
  • Lightweight, stylish and comfortable—base curve matching creates seamless “sunglasses” look
  • Separated no greater than 1mm from prescription lens to Chemistrie Sunlens
  • Precision tooled so grooved magnets won’t separate from prescription lenses or Chemistrie Sunlenses
  • Made with 100% titanium bridges in three colors and three sizes for accurate matching
  • All detachable lenses manufactured as polarized sunlenses for cutting glare and increasing visual acuity
  • 100% UV protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Virtually transparent to the frame design—patient’s high-end frames become high-end sunglasses
  • Made in a variety of colors and styles, and feature optional, decorative Swarovski crystal accents
  • A truly advanced alternative to bendy, bulky, adjustment-prone clip-on sunlenses


What’s The Chemistrie Sunlenses Difference?


More choices. Less adjustments. Better satisfied patients

It's been a long time since you've had something truly new to offer that diverse segment of patients looking for (or needing) high-quality, polarized clip-on sunglasses.

Whether it's a second pair of prescription sunlenses, lenses for driving in the car, bright light situations, or just to get more value out of a high-quality primary pair of spectacles, Chemistrie Sunlenses represent a quantum leap in the design and function of clip-on eyewear. Because they're "click on" sunlenses.


Can your traditional clip-on sunlenses promise this?

  • Seamless, snug fit for virtually any frame style and lens prescription*
  • Lightweight, comfortable, easy-to-attach and easy-to-remove polarized sunlenses
  • High-end primary pair of glasses transforms to high-end looking pair of sunglasses
  • Manufactured on a per-patient, per-prescription basis to the base curve of the lens
  • Polarized lenses for increased clarity and acuity, 100% UV protection for eye health
  • Few (if any) adjustments ever needed over time-durable, flexible, strong
  • Can be manufactured in-house or ordered through dozens of independent labs or lab networks (see Ways To Provide for details)

For information on how to add Chemistrie Sunlenses to your selection of high-quality lens products, please contact us directly.

*Chemistrie Sunlenses are manufactured for all lens materials except glass or acrylic.


Chemistrie Sunlenses Color Explosion!

From red, yellow and blue through everything in between; sizzling mirrored shades, cool tints-a rainbow of options to suit any taste, style of frame, lens or prescription. All Chemistrie Sunlenses are polarized sunglasses for increased visual clarity and reduced harsh glare, and click on and off your primary lenses in a snap!


For Any Style. And Almost Any Frame!

Rimless, titanium, thick or thin; through ovals, squares, horn-rims, retros, half-frames and more; there's almost no style you wear that you can't show off even more with Chemistrie Sunlenses. You spend a lot of time and money while making a visual statement with your eyeglasses-why hide that when it's time to go outside?

Chemistrie Lens Colors and Jewel Options

Hot Crystals.

Like a wristwatch, handbag, necklace or hat, the right accent can complete a look. Only Chemistrie Sunlenses can be accentuated with genuine Swarovski crystals-jeweled accents that magnetically click on, click off and add sparkle and style to your regular eyeglasses. Can be worn with the click-on sunlenses, or over your regular lenses, with 12 arresting faceted colors to choose from!


Cool Cases.

While genuine Chemistrie Sunlenses are durable and flexible (we slip ours into our shirt pocket all the time), there's nothing like an ounce of prevention to protect your click-on lenses from harsh surfaces. Each Chemistrie Sunlenses product comes with a sleek, slim carry-case-and more are available to suit your life and style! Keep one at the office, one in your purse, and one for home for all day, every day protection of your lenses!


Chemistrie RxLenses!

Chemistrie Rx Lenses: The patent-pending magnetic lens layering system that brings our sunlenses to life, can also be used to create two one! By creating a magnetic lens layer that meets a different visual need, our lens wearers can enjoy a primary prescription pair, and additional "click-on" lenses to change that prescription for certain situations-reading, driving, even near or far distance vision! Simple. Convenient. Fast!

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