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Crizal Kids UV (Ultra Violet) Coating



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Give your patients the very best in optics by providing superior Anti-Reflective treatments by Luzerne Optical.  Help them see better and look better!




Crizal Kids UV (Ultra Violet) Protection Lenses


Broad Spectrum Technology –Essilor’s patented Broad Spectrum technology virtually eliminates UV light reflection into the eyes for long-term eye health, while maintaining maximum visible light transmission for crisper, clearer vision.  This exclusive technology extends superior anti-reflective efficiency from visible to UV light.


These treatments are designed to protect your patient’s eyes from dangerous UV light coming from the backside of the lens, ensuring their visual health over time. 






Crizal UV Protection


New Crizal UV Lenses feature exclusive Broad Spectrum Technology (patent pending) to provide maximum UV protection for long-term eye health while maintaining maximum visible light transmission for crisper, clearer vision.

Best UV protection for clear lenses with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25


To help explain the importance of eye protection for consumers, Essilor introduces a new index, the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF), which rates UV protection from UV light coming at both sides of a lens. The E-SPF system will help consumers understand the level of UV protection provided by their eyeglasses.


Protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV reflection on clear, everyday eyeglasses is important for patients’ eye health as more than 40 percent of UV light exposure occurs when wearers are not in full sunlight and most likely not wearing appropriate protection. Higher-quality lens materials such as polycarbonate and high-index only offer UV protection from the transmitted UV rays hitting the front side of the lens. The greatest remaining danger is the UV light coming from the back and side of the lens.


Crizal UV Lens Availability




Crizal SunShield™, designed especially for sunwear, already offers this UV protection benefit.


CRIZAL Kids UV Features & Benefits

Features all the benefits of Crizal






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