Definity DUAL ADD 2.0

Definity NEW DUAL ADD® 2.0 widens your patient’s world!


Introducing the latest technological innovation from DEFINITY® lenses: The newly designed back surface features a unique multi-design technology that provides wider vision across all zones (near, intermediate, and distance).

  • Improved design symmetry to see wider in the distance
  • Superior alignment to see wider in the intermediate
  • Dynamic inset variation to see wider in the near

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This newly improved design still delivers all the benefits from DEFINITY lenses with DUAL ADD

  • Offset design optimizes visual performance for smoother transitions across all zones
  • Rotation for reduction of maximum astigmatism
  • Greater performance at higher add powers vs. other progressive lenses


DEFINITY lenses with DUAL ADD 2.0 provides the least amount of peripheral distortion.
Extremely soft design reduces astigmatism, optimizes optics, minimizes distortion and allows for extremely wide vision corridors across all visual zones

  • Unique back side design to fit each patient’s prescription for wider fields of vision
  • Makes multiple activities easier on the eyes—computer use, driving, walking and other daily activities.
Definity Dual Add 2.0

Provides smoother transitions across all zones

  • Easy for you to fit
  • Easy for patients to adapt


GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE™—The only PAL with ground level zone

  • Corrects vision to allow patients to see ground level objects
  • Ideal for everyday activities—climbing stairs, stepping off curbs and using escalators
  • Enhances visual performance for demanding activities— golfing, hiking, biking or tennis
Definity Ground View Advantage
  • Ground View Advantage allows patients to see what is at their feet


DEFINITY® lenses in Trivex® material deliver superior visual performance for your patients with active lifestyles.


An excellent combination for your patients with active lifestyles

  • DEFINITY lenses with DUAL ADD 2.0 are tailored to each patient’s prescription for smoother transitions with less peripheral distortion
  • Trivex® material is more durable, provides greater impact resistance and is thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses, making it an excellent and safe option for active individuals
  • DEFINITY is the only progressive lens with


Definity DUAL ADD 2.0 Rotlex Astigmatic Plot

Patients rate DEFINITY lenses as significantly better

  • Outperformed the competition in the intermediate visual zone

— Of 38 patients, 26 preferred DEFINITY, only 8 preferred the competitor and 4 had no preference
Demonstrated superiority in the near visual zone
— Of 38 patients, 21 patients preferred DEFINITY lenses, 9 preferred the competitor and 8 had no preference


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