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The technologically advanced performance of emPower!
Electronic Eyewear allows the wearer to be in control of their vision by the simple act of touching the side of their eyeglass frames. An invisible, electronic near reading segment is activated when you need close-up vision, and then disappears when you don't so you can enjoy the entire lens.


The Electronic Advantage Compared to a Progressive Lens

  • 50% less peripheral “swim” (unwanted astigmatism / distortion) compared to a progressive lens of equal optical power

  • Distance Zone – up to 2X the width of traditional progressive lenses

  • Intermediate Zone – more than 3X the width of traditional progressive lenses

  • Near Zone – more than 2X the width of traditional progressive lenses



emPower Lenses


PixelOptics is inventing and commercializing the first dynamic electronic spectacle lens, emPower!™ 

If you wear bifocals or progressive lenses, this technology will revolutionize the way you see and use your eyeglasses. emPower!™ will:

• Focus as fast as you can blink your eye

• Provide an invisible electronic near focus zone when desired

• Offer three modes of operation: automatic, manual on, manual off

• Provide wider fields of view compared to a progressive addition lens

• Allow for less distortion than a progressive addition lens

• Vision correction for all ranges of sight: far, near, and in between

• Allow you to turn near reading power off when desired

• Rechargeable hidden battery


The wearer is in control

The technologically advanced performance of emPower! Eyewear allows the wearer to be in control of their vision by the simple act of touching the side of their eyeglass frames. An invisible, electronic near reading segment is activated when you need close-up vision, and then disappears when you don't so you can enjoy the entire lens.


How emPower Electronic Glasses Work

Hidden in the frames of the otherwise normal-looking glasses, are a microchip, micro-accelerometer and miniature batteries. Each lens has a transparent LCD layer that can electronically change its molecular structure, changing the focus only as needed. If you tilt your head down say to read a book or peek at an object up close, the accelerometer automatically detects the motion, sending a signal to the LCD that alters how light is refracted, change the prescription quietly and in, well, a blink of the eye. You can also put the glasses in manual mode.

So why would you choose these electronic glasses compared to conventional progressive lenses? One answer: With ordinary progressives, you might be lying on a couch or bed and tilting your head up to watch TV, which would otherwise be a challenge if you're peering out of that portion of the lens that isn't meant for distance viewing. With emPower, you'd only summon a lens optimized for reading or closeups when you needed to.

emPower Solosm GlassesemPower!™ looks and feels identical to today's fashion eyeglasses – will be available in numerous colors and styles. emPower!™ frames will be available in wire (metal), zyl (plastic), rimless and rimmed.

Frames will include metal, memory metal, plastic, rimless and semi-rimless in both male and female styles. All emPower! frames include the electronic lenses, electronic control package with internal power source and charger.


What does this mean to your vision? 

It means that you can have the ability to switch the reading portion of your lenses on and off whenever you want.  Or, switch it to “automatic” mode and forget about it.  You will have uninterrupted vision, just like your progressive lenses but with wider distance vision, wider intermediate vision, wider reading vision and half of the peripheral “swim” that most people experience while wearing a progressive lens.



emPower Electronic Glasses Keep Same Prescription



This Comparison Explained

This is a side-by-side comparison of a premium progressive lens design and PixelOptics’ emPower!™.  Both lenses are of equal power.  This is actual video footage – not an animation.  The video footage was filmed through each lens with a rotating sequence of letters and lines behind it. 

Note the following as you toggle the ON and OFF button:

  • The increase  and decrease of image size in the READING ZONE
  • The virtually non-existent peripheral “swim” or distortion in the periphery of emPower!™ (note how the horizontal lines remain virtually flat compared to the progressive lens
  • The waviness of the horizontal line on the progressive lens.  This is an indication of peripheral distortion inherent in progressive lens designs.



emPower Glasses Charging System



Electronic Lens Technology

Our highly proprietary electronic lenses use a combination of chemistry, electricity and other components to create dynamic and intelligent optics for the correction of presbyopia (loss of near focus after the age of 40) and other visual disorders. These lenses focus faster than the blink of an eye and do so without moving parts.  

Wearers will instantly achieve optimal vision no matter where they look – far, near, or in-between. In addition, lenses based on PixelOptics electronic technology will dramatically reduce distortion typically associated with conventional state-of-the-art bifocals and progressive addition lenses. This is accomplished by changing the index of refraction of an electro-active layer located within the lens. This technology is the first ophthalmic solution that crosses over into the consumer electronic health sector.




Note: Electronic Glasses also go by the name of: e-Glasses, eGlasses, emPower Glasses, and Electronic Eyewear.

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