F3 Anti Fog

F3 Anti Fog Coating

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Luzerne Optical brings you, Opticote treatments, a leader in Rx eyewear coating technology, presenting F3 Anti Fog (Fog Free Forever) Coating:


Fog Free Forever

Opticote F3 Anti Fog (Fog Free Forever) Coating : the first permanent anti-fog coating for Plano or prescription eyewear that requires virtually no maintenance.


The F3 coating eliminates the "white wall" effect that occurs when making the transition from one temperature zone to another. F3 is a thermally cured coating that is superior to other applications. Whether it's a matter of safety or convenience, with Opticote's F3 the quality of your vision is never compromised by condensation.


F3 Anti Fog Coating


The following guidelines must be followed to ensure proper application, performance and timely turnaround:

  • Plano lenses, Rx plastic, polycarbonate, trivex and high index are acceptable lens materials
  • Color cast materials and polarized lenses can be coated
  • Plano or Rx Finished UNCUT lenses no larger than 78mm and without knife edges are required
  • Bifocals, trifocals, and slab-offs can be coated - but be advised of potential drip marks that may not cut out
  • Thermal cure process: dip hard coat primer and F3 fog free forever coating is a two day process
  • Anti-reflective coatings and mirror coatings are not compatible with the F3 process at this time
  • The only allowable coating is original manufacturer front-side hard coat
  • Tinted lenses cannot be coated at this time
  • Lenses received with backside hardcoat will be returned
  • Cleaning with water will not impact F3 performance

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