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FreeForm Lens Technology


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By: Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd.


Luzerne Optical is one of the largest optical manufacturers of Free-Form lenses in the United States. Free-Form is also known as:  FreeForm, Digital Surfacing, Digitized, Internal Free-Form, FingerPrint Surfacing, Customized, Precise-Form, Backside/ Back-Surface, Dual-Surface, Wavefront, Fully Personalized, HD and High Definition. 

Our optical laboratory has made substantial investments in highly sophisticated proprietary software and CNC multi-axis surfacing technology systems to produce these complex lens surfaces precisely.  Hi-tech measurement systems are used to continuously monitor product quality.  Our lab can process any type of lens, from standard spheres and torics to complex free-form surfaces in both single vision and progressives with superior optics.  This new surfacing technology creates a significant improvement over traditional processing by allowing production within 1/100 of a diopter in accuracy.  Our natural diamond generating technology delivers the lens geometry and surface shape required within the tolerance of single microns.  This efficient system eliminates thousands of traditional hard lap tools with a minimal amount of soft tools following an intelligent computer controlled polishing system that conforms to complex changing surfaces. Our free-form system calculates for aberrations and can correct them for a superior design.  A special laser is used to create the finest and clearest markings on a variety of materials for progressive lenses produced. 

Some digitally surfaced free-form lens designs will take into account measurements such as pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, near viewing distance, panoramic angle and wrap angle.  This process allows our lab to provide truly customized lenses for individual wearers.  Some free-form lens designs are delivered with a compensated Rx form for power verification.  These lens designs were optimized for the position of wear creating small power changes to reflect the fitted lenses as they are perceived by the actual person wearing the glasses.


FreeForm Lens Technology


Free Form Lens Technology




Luzerne Optical produces all of the leading quality brands of AR / Anti-Reflective Treatments in-house to compliment its free-form lenses for exceptional vision. Luzerne Optical may be the only lab in the USA to produce so many leading brands of AR, mirror and hard coatings under one roof:


Anti-Reflective (AR) Treatments - Coatings:
EVC – enhanced visual clarity
Zeiss Super ET
Zeiss Gold ET
Carat AR
Carat Gold AR
Carat Advantage Super ET
Carat Advantage Gold ET
Teflon Clear Coat
Crizal Alize
Crizal Avance UV
Crizal Easy
Crizal Kids UV
Crizal Prevencia
Crizal Sapphire UV
Crizal Sun
Crizal Sunshield
Kodak CleAR
Teflon Elite
Xperio UV
Zeiss Allure
Zeiss PureCoat

Anti-Fog / AR Coat:
Crizal UV with Optifog

Premium Scratch Coat:
TD2 Super Hard Scratch Coat
Foundation XT Super Hard Scratch Coat
L2Y-Luzerne 2-Sided Scratch Coat

Mirror Coating:
Zeiss Cool Blue Mirror
Zeiss Cool Silver Mirror
Zeiss Cool Gold Mirror
Zeiss Carat Cool Blue Mirror
Zeiss Carat Cool Silver Mirror
Zeiss Carat Cool Gold Mirror
Zeiss Carat Advantage Cool Blue Mirror
Zeiss Carat Advantage Cool Silver Mirror
Zeiss Carat Advantage Cool Gold Mirror






Luzerne Optical provides our knowledge and cutting edge technology in free-form to help eye care professionals offer their patients the very best eyewear along with practice profits.  Most patients will experience improved vision with greater wearer comfort and quicker adaptation for improved performance compared to traditional lenses.  Your patient’s new free-form glasses should provide a more natural visual experience. 


Customers will experience better service with Luzerne Optical’s huge inventory which offers a wide range of materials readily available for free-form lens designs.  Not all free-form lenses will provide better vision.  Superior Free-Form lenses are only as good as their design and the process used to create them.  Luzerne Optical is proud to provide the finest process along with all of the best selling and proven lens designs available today.  Luzerne Optical will continue to introduce new and exciting lens styles for eye care professionals who want to offer the finest vision care. 



The lab provides brands and lens designs from every major manufacturer in the digital free-form category such as:


Luzerne Optical:
CrownView SV
SightStar 365
SightStar 365 Single Vision

Autograph Short
Autograph II Variable
Autograph II Fixed
Autograph II Attitude PAL
Autograph II Single Vision
Autograph II Attitude Single Vision
Autograph II Office
Autograph III, 3
Element Short
Single Vision1.74 Clear High-Index Aspheric
Single Vision1.74 Clear Hi-Index Spherical
Shamir InTouch
Spectrum Single Vision

Accolade Freedom
Definity 3
Definity 3 Plus
Definity w/ Dual Add 2.0
Definity Short w/ Dual Add 2.0
Definity Fairway SOLFX
Definity Short Fairway SOLFX
Essilor Ideal Advanced
Essilor Ideal Advanced Wrap
Essilor Ideal Short
Essilor Ideal
FT-28 Essilor Digital Bifocal 360
Varilux Comfort 360
Varilux Comfort DRx
New Varilux Comfort Enhanced
New Varilux Comfort Short
Varilux Comfort Short DRx
Varilux Ellipse 360
Varilux Ipseo IV
Varilux Ipseo IV Eyecode
Varilux Physio DRx
Varilux Physio Enhanced
Varilux Physio Enhanced Azio
Varilux Physio Enhanced India
Varilux Physio Enhanced Eyecode
Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit
Varilux Physio Short DRx
Varilux Physio Short 360
Varilux Physio 360
Varilux S Series
Varilux S Design
Varilux S 4D
Varilux S Fit
Varilux Sport

UNITY SVx Single Vision

Succeed Internal
Succeed Ws Internal
Supercede Internal
Supercede Ws Internal
Surmount Internal
Surmount Ws Internal
Single Vision Super MV (MaxVue) 1.67
      Double Aspheric Hi-Index
Wrap Tech Thin High Base SV

Signet Armorlite:
DirectTek Short
Kodak Concise Digital
Kodak MonitorView
Kodak Precise Digital
Kodak Precise PB
Kodak Precise Short PB
Kodak Precise Short Digital
Kodak Unique
Kodak Unique DS

HOYALUX iD LifeStyle
Hoya Nulux ep Bi-Aspheric SV Lens
SingleVision iQ
StraightTop 28 iQ

Carl Zeiss Vision:
AO Easy HD
GT2 3D
GT2 3D Short
GT2 3D Wrap
GT2 3D Wrap Short
GT2 3DV Wrap
3D Single Vision
Zeiss Choice
Zeiss Choice Plus
Zeiss Choice Plus V
Zeiss Individual 2 PAL
Zeiss Individual PAL, Fully - Personalized
Zeiss Individual Single Vision
Zeiss Individual Wrap PAL
Zeiss Individual Wrap SV


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