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(Individualized / Customized Lens Measurement System)

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ZeissWhat are these measurement machines used for?

iTerminal is the auto measuring tool used to measure the position of wear data for every patient.  i.e. seg ht. /  P.D.  / Panto / Wrap / back vertex distance.  It also acts like a smart mirror to present the options and benefits of AR, Transitions, tints.

The iProfiler is an auto refractor / keratometer / corneal topographer / and wave front abborometer.  The measurements from the iProfiler are combined with the Doctors subjective refraction and the result of this merger is the iScription.

The i.Scription SW provides tools for the ECP to review the information from the i.Profiler plus and image simulations based customer data for easy patient communication.


i.Terminal ™ by ZEISS Frequently Asked Questions


What is i.TerminalTM?

i.Terminal is a unique dispensary system that combines advanced fitting and measurement precision with enhanced patient consultation in one simple process. Employing a precision digital camera and a computerized measuring system, the i.Terminal photographs patients wearing their chosen frames.

i.Terminal then provides these essential dispensing functions:

  • Measures monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, vertex distance and frame wrap automatically.
  • Creates photo images for review by the patient and dispenser.
  • Provides interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements.

i.Terminal is available in a floor-standing model and a desktop model, allowing you to choose the configuration that works best for your dispensary.


i.Terminal System

What are the benefits of i.Terminal to my patients?

Sophisticated modern progressive lenses offer unsurpassed optical performance. However, the performance of these lenses is still limited by the accuracy of their fitting and centration. Even small errors in fitting measurements can result in up to a 25% reduction in progressive viewing zone alignment and lens performance. By consistently delivering the most precise measurements, i.Terminal assures that your patients receive the best possible visual experience from their lenses.

The enhanced mirror allows patients with stronger prescriptions to see clearly how their chosen frames look when worn, and to compare multiple frames side-by-side. Other interactive capabilities of i.Terminal help patients understand how premium lens upgrades will look and perform. These capabilities let your patients make more confident eyewear choices.

i.Terminal System

What are the benefits to my practice? i.Terminal benefits your practice in several ways:

  • Increases staff capability. i.Terminal allows your staff to take even complicated fitting measurements with greater accuracy than has ever been possible before. And because measuring with i.Terminal is a simple, repeatable process, measurements will be consistent even among a large staff with varying skill levels.


  • Increases patient satisfaction. i.Terminal’s precise measurements allow patients to enjoy the best possible per­formance from their progressive lenses, while reducing remakes.
  • Increases premium lens sales. Visual demonstration of lens enhancements can help increase sales and patient satisfaction.
  • Facilitates customized lens dispensing. Because it takes all the measurements necessary to create the most advanced customized progressive lenses, including back vertex distance, pantoscopic angle and frame wrap, i.Terminal is the ideal fitting platform for Gradal® Individual and Gradal® Short i by ZEISS.
  • Sets your practice apart. Use of the i.Terminal creates a sophisticated and engaging patient experience that enhances the image of your practice.

How does i.Terminal achieve this level of accuracy?

Traditional fitting measurements are limited by both accuracy (closeness of the result to the actual value) and precision (the size of the smallest reliable measurement). i.Terminal eliminates measurement error, while taking measurements to within 0.1 mm, resulting in the most accurate fitting measurements possible.

i.Terminal employs a precision digital camera that captures both frontal and profile images of the patient wearing his or her chosen frame. A patented laser speckle target system is used to ensure that the wearer maintains proper distance fixation while the photo is captured. The system is also designed to ensure that the wearer is properly centered for accurate measurement, and automatically compensates for any accidental head-turn. The images are then processed by sophisticated software that automatically takes key measurements with unparalleled accuracy, including monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, and vertex distance.

Can i.Terminal help increase my premium lens sales? i.Terminal supports premium lens sales in several ways:

  • Provides interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements.
  • Takes additional measurements needed for customized progressive lenses using free-form technology.
  • Maximizes the performance of all progressive lenses.
  • Creates a more premium lens purchase experience for the patient. What value-added products does i.Terminal support?

i.Terminal provides interactive demonstrations of photochromic lenses, selectable tints and anti-reflective lenses.


i.Terminal System

How does i.Terminal help me to dispense customized lenses?
Sophisticated free-form lenses like Gradal® Individual and Gradal Short i by ZEISS will deliver optimized performance when the design has been customized for the shape of the wearer’s chosen frame, as well as for the wrap, pantoscopic angle, and vertex distance of the frame as worn by the patient. By taking all of these measurements automatically, i.Terminal facilitates the use of customized progressive lenses without adding significant time or complexity to the dispensing process.

Can I only use i.Terminal for Carl Zeiss Vision lenses?
The measurements taken by i.Terminal can be used for any brand of lens.

How long does the i.Terminal dispensing process take?
Experienced users can complete all i.Terminal measurements in just a few minutes. The resulting measurements will be more precise than those taken manually, and i.Terminal will take the additional measurements required for customized lenses at the same time.

Installation and Support
Is special lighting required for i.Terminal?
No special lighting is required. Bright, uniform illumination will produce the best results.

How much space does i.Terminal require?
Specific space requirements will depend on the layout of your office. As a general guideline, both models require a roughly 4’ x 2’ “foot‑ print.” Please note that the floor-standing model also requires a small table to hold the monitor and mouse. Your Carl Zeiss Vision Representative can help you determine the best configuration for your office.

Do I need additional equipment to make i.Terminal work?
No. Your purchase includes the complete system, including monitor and printer.

What other installation requirements are there?
The floor-standing model must be secured to the floor or to the wall. The desktop model has to be positioned horizontally on a secure table. Both versions require three power outlets (110 V).

How is i.Terminal installed?
A Carl Zeiss Vision Representative will provide the initial installation at your convenience. If you choose the floor-standing model, Carl Zeiss Vision will arrange for a contractor to secure the device to the wall or floor at no additional cost.

How will my staff be trained?
A Carl Zeiss Vision Representative will do initial and follow-up training as needed. A tutorial and step-by-step instructions are also available to train new hires in the process.

How will I get software updates for i.Terminal?
In most cases, the Carl Zeiss Vision Representative will upload software updates as needed. Alternatively, a USB memory stick with updates and simple instructions will be mailed to you.

What is the warranty for i.Terminal?
i.Terminal is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year. Any third-party-supplied accessories, such as the monitor and the printer, fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. For full details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your purchase and service agreements.

What do I do if my i.Terminal requires servicing?
Service is provided by Carl Zeiss Vision technical support, and is available by calling our toll-free service line.

Purchase and Financing
For more information i.Terminal, i.Scription or i.Profiler, contact your Representative at Luzerne Optical Laboratories LTD at 800-233-9637.


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