Kodak Anti Fatigue Lens

Luzerne Optical Introduces:

Kodak Lenses with Anti-Fatigue Progressive Technology


Reduce Eyestrain
Performing near-viewing tasks for extended lengths of time may cause excessive strain on the eyes.   A patient’s eyes will naturally drift outward while performing close work. The images we see on a daily basis are the result of combined input from both eyes.  Each eye sees the image from a different perspective and the brain fuses the two images to provide a clear picture.  When working at close range, the eyes must focus inward, a position that requires extra effort to maintain. The process of trying to turn the eyes back in often leads to a number of symptoms including the following:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Burning & tearing
  • Frequent loss of place
  • Visual Fatigue
  • Inability to concentrate


These symptoms are often caused by convergence insufficiency, better know as eyestrain and eye fatigue.  This vision problem can interfere when working at near and hinder a person’s ability to work effectively. Eyestrain symptoms may become more evident due to lack of sleep or long hours of work. Extreme cases of eye fatigue include headaches that start above the eyebrows and work their way towards the back, ending at the base of the neck.


Help Eyestrain Sufferers
For presbyopic patients who are experiencing any of the above symptoms, a new technological solution is available from Signet Armorlite.


The Patented Anti-Fatigue Progressive Technology is incorporated with the progressive design to reduce eyestrain and related symptoms when working at near.  Incorporating base in-prism in the reading area of the progressive lens assists the normal binocular function of a patient’s eyes.  This technological enhancement has been shown to reduce eyestrain and the eye fatigue which often leads to headaches.  Progressive lens wearers are able to perform near viewing tasks for longer durations with less discomfort.


Proven Relief You Can Offer Your Patients
Patients can now enjoy the benefits of reduced eye strain and eye fatigue. A study conducted by the Illinois College of Optometry documents a reduction of symptoms associated with near viewing tasks with the use of base-in prism.  KODAK lenses with the Anti-fatigue Progressive Technology target the lens design’s near zone to assist the normal binocular function of your eyes while reading or doing near work.  This eases the strain on the eye to maintain proper inward focus alleviating eyestrain symptoms.  Even headaches due to eyestrain may be relieved in both intensity and frequency.


Selection of Design Applications
Available from Luzerne Optical and produced by Signetek™, Kodak Lenses with Anti-Fatigue Progressive Technology can be added to:  KODAK Unique, KODAK Precise®, KODAK Precise Short®, Kodak Concise®.  With a broad range of materials and fitting heights, a KODAK lens is the best choice.


The Strength of a Trusted Brand
KODAK Lenses with Anti-Fatigue Progressive Technology carry one of the most recognized names in the world. Kodak has been known for generations for quality, reliability and innovation.  Anti-Fatigue Progressive Technology was created by Signet Armorlite, and patented in the United States of America.       


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