Lens Material

  • Photochromic Lenses

    Photochromic lenses are lenses that darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Once the UV is removed (for example by walking indoors), the lenses will gradually return to their clear state. Photochromic lenses may be made of glass, polycarbonate,  [more]

  • Photochromic Polarized Sunglasses / Lenses

    Photochromic Polarized Sunglasses Lenses: Photochromic Polarized Sunglasses are some of the newest inovation in the eyewear industry combining photochromic (ability of the lens to get darker) with polarized lens features. [more]

  • Polarized Lenses

    Polarized Lenses [more]

  • Visable Lens Light Transmission

    Visable Lens Light Transmission: Different Lenses have different light transmittance characteristics. [more]

  • Trivex Lens Material

    Trivex Lens Material: Trivex material provides the complete package of optical quality, lightweight comfort, strength and protection—the critical performance characteristics called for in everyday living. [more]

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