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Luzerne Optical & Essilor will offer New Varilux Comfort lenses to help patients enjoy ease of vision throughout the day in every aspect of modern life.

The new lenses will offer quicker access to the reading area, 25 percent wider distance and near vision fields and improved performance for today’s digital devices and activities, such as MP3 players, navigation tools, laptops and netbooks.

“Now more than ever, people are transitioning between different fields of vision – near, far and intermediate – quicker, more often and for shorter periods of time,” said Carl Bracy, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “Essilor’s New Varilux Comfort lenses have been modernized to meet these new visual demands.”

Using Essilor’s proprietary Live Optics research and development process as well as Varilux Virtual Reality, Essilor scientists analyzed thousands of patients to determine the best way to improve upon the design. As a result, the progression length was shortened and the near vision and distance fields are wider by up to 25 percent with reduced astigmatism in the intermediate zone. New Varilux Comfort lenses offer even quicker access to the near vision zone, wider fields for relaxed vision during daily activities and reduced swim.

Beginning July 2010, New Varilux Comfort, New Varilux Comfort Short™ and New Varilux Comfort Enhanced™ lenses will be available in:

1.50 Index Plastic
1.50 Transitions® VI Gray and Brown,
Airwear® Clear, and
Airwear® Transitions® VI Gray and Brown.

Beginning September 2010, New Varilux Comfort, New Varilux Comfort Short and New Varilux Comfort Enhanced lenses will be available in:

Thin&Lite® 1.60 Clear,
Thin&Lite® 1.60 Transitions® VI Gray and Brown,
Thin&Lite 1.67 Clear and
Thin&Lite 1.67 Transitions VI Gray & Brown.

New Varilux Comfort
“What is different about New Varilux Comfort compared to the Current Varilux Comfort?”

  • New Varilux Comfort has all of the benefits of current Varilux Comfort plus three (3) main improvements:
  • Up to 25% wider near and distance areas for relaxed vision in all daily activities
  • A 1mm shorter progression length for easy access to the reading area
  • Less astigmatism in the intermediate zone for even less swim and easier adaptation
  • Additionally, there are two (2) key findings from our wearer’s test:
  • New Varilux Comfort is preferred 3:1 over current Varilux Comfort AND
  • 100% of current Varilux Comfort wearers adapted to New Varilux Comfort

New Varilux Comfort Short
“What are the main product benefits of New Varilux Comfort Short lenses and how does it compare to Varilux Ellipse®?”

  • New Varilux Comfort Short lenses have all of the benefits of New Varilux Comfort created specifically for fitting heights of 14mm – 17mm
  • Compared to Varilux Ellipse, New Varilux Comfort Short has three main advantages over Varilux Ellipse:
  • 24% more distance area with a 141° distance angle
  • 16% wider reading zone AND
  • A shorter progression length



New Varilux Comfort Enhanced
“What makes New Varilux Comfort Enhanced lenses better than New Varilux Comfort lenses?

  • New Varilux Comfort Enhanced lenses are the most premium lens design in the Total Comfort Vision platform because they are customized through the DualOpticsTM digital process.
  • These lenses have all of the benefits of New Varilux Comfort lenses plus:
  • They are wider in all visual zones
  • Have less peripheral distortion for better side to side viewing AND
  • Have a customized fitting height and can be ordered from 14mm and up


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