Ni Hao Kia Lan

Ni Hao Kia Lan (Ni Hao Nick Jr) Eyewear Frames Collection

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Ni Hao Kai lan (Ni Hao Hick Jr Eyewear, Glasses and Frames



Ni Hao, Kai-lan (Ni Hao Nick Jr)

Ni Hao!

That means "Hi!" in Chinese and that's how Kai-lan greets you every day!

Kai-lan Chow is an exuberant Chinese-American preschooler and one of Nickelodeon's hottest properties. Kai-lan's world is infused with Chinese culture and is brimming with magical sights and sounds...everywhere you turn there's something amazing and beautiful to see!


  • Geared toward 3-5 year olds girls and boys
  • Products feature bold character artwork and use primary colors
  • Collection will include plastic, monel and combination models
  • Construction methods include pad printing, plaques, foil transfers and epoxy filled details
  • Full rim models only
  • Some styles will have a larger distance between the lenses to accommodate younger, developing nose bridges
  • All styles will offer double action spring hinges
  • Sizes: 41-45

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