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Eyewear & Frames Collections
Eyewear & Frames Collections
Children & Youth
Eyewear & Frames Collections
Christie Brinkley
Geoffrey Beene Men
Christie Brinkley Sunwear
Global Releaf
Fleur De Lis
Geoffrey Beene Women
Global Releaf
Umbro Sunglasses
Global Releaf
Van Huesen
Kay Unger
Kay Unger Sunwear
Ni Hoa Kia Lan (Ni Hoa Nick Jr)
Phoebe Couture
SpongeBob (Sponge Bob)
Phoebe Couture Sunwear
Unbro Youth




Arrow Frames & Eyewear

       Arrow Eyewear

  • For the young male consumer in his late 20's to 40's
  • On-trend styling
  • Some models deep enough for a progressive lens
  • Subtle colors offer affordable, individualized style


Avatar Eyewear & Frames Collection

       Avatar Eyewear

  • Geared toward kids ages 6 to 12
  • Memory metal on select model for the ultimate in flexibility
  • A range of semi-rimless and full rim models
  • Special features include pull and twist technology on temples
Caravaggio Eyewear & Frames Collection

       Caravaggio Eyewear

  • Superior construction
  • Ideal for quality managed vision care programs
  • Ideal as a second pair of frames
  • Captures the romantic culture of Italy
  • Ranges from traditional to trend-savvy styling
Christi Brinkly Eyewear & Frames

       Christie Brinkley Sunglasses

  • Designed for Women With Celebrity Style!
  • Most styles are designed to accommodate Rx lenses
  • Glamorous wide temples and “jewelry” detailing on select models
  • Sizzling new wrap styles for high-impact fashion
  • Updated feminine shapes and a range of lens colors to complement any skin tone


Christi Brinkly Eyewear & Frames

       Christie Brinkley Eyewear

  • Clean and simple lines
  • Updated profiles in lightweight plastic and metal
  • Minimalist designs to highlight a woman's eyes
  • Memory plastic temples and spring hinges on select styles
Dora Eyewear & FramesDiego Frames and Eyewear

       Dora & Diego Eyewear

  • Geared toward Nickelodeon's youngest viewers, Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! have become mega brands and are the top preschool shows on commercial television.

    Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer invites kids to come along on exciting adventures with its bilingual heroine, Dora. Wildly popular with preschoolers.

    Go, Diego Go!
    A top rated preschool program,Go, Diego, Go! is an animated, preschool, action adventure series starring an 8-year-old bilingual who partners with the viewer on a high stakes animal themed adventure.

Fleur De Lis Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       Fleur de Lis Eyewear

  • Hand detailing, including epoxy motifs and jewelry accents made with Crystallized - Swarovski Elements
  • Colors ranging from soft plums and light corals to rich berry hues, paired with gold and platinum
  • Lightweight, airy profiles that accommodate progressive lenses discreetly
  • Select styles feature thin, lightweight TR-90 fronts combined with metal temples
Geoffrey Beene Eyewear for Men

       Geoffrey Beene Eyewear, Men

  • Classic tailoring with upscale details
  • Premium materials, including titanium and stainless steel
  • Masculine palette of colors, including brushed gunmetals and matte browns
Geoffrey Beene Eyewear for Women

       Geoffrey Beene Eyewear, Women

  • Sophisticated details that delight and surprise; inspired by couture fashions
  • Unique combinations of premium materials create elegant expressions
  • Layered plastics in on-trend color combinations
  • Metals with laser etching or cut-out temple designs
  • Crystallized - Swarovski Elements on select styles
Global Releaf Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       Global Releaf Eyewear

  • In partnership with American Forests, Nouveau will plant a tree for every Global ReLeaf frame sold.
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Natural earth tone colors, including browns, blues and steel grays
  • Classic soft ovals, bowties and elongated rectangles
  • Lightweight semi-rimless, metal and zyl combos, and sleek stainless steel materials
ICarly Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       ICarly Eyewear

  • Featuring bold, bright colors that's all about youthful exuberance!
  • Sophisticated shapes appeal to young trend-makers
  • Pull-and-twist features on select styles add additional fun looks
  • Double action spring hinges provide a secure, comfortable fit
Kay Unger Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

      Kay Unger Eyewear

  • All Kay Unger frames are designed in Italy
  • Colors, textures and dramatic details are inspired by Kay's own designs
  • Charming accents, such as Crystallized - Swarovski Elements and laser etchings, make each piece in this collection a work of art
Kay Unger Sunwear

      Kay Unger Sunwear

  • High quality SOLA polarized lenses eliminate glare and provide superior clarity
  • All frames are prescription compatible
  • Bold textures, colors and dramatic details commingle for the ultimate in women's sunwear
  • All of Kay's frames are of Italian design
Nickelodeon Eyewear Frames and Glasses

       Nickelodeon Eyewear

  • Nickelodeon Eyewear include Collections as: Avatar, Dora, Diego, ICarly, Ni Hoa Kia Lan, SpongeBob and Nick Jr.
ni Hoa Kia Lan Eyewear and Frames

      Ni Hoa Kia Lan Eyewear

  • Geared toward 3-5 year olds girls and boys
  • Products feature bold character artwork and use primary colors
  • Collection will include plastic, monel and combination models
  • Construction methods include pad printing, plaques, foil transfers and epoxy filled details
  • Full rim models only
  • Some styles will have a larger distance between the lenses to accommodate younger, developing nose bridges
  • All styles will offer double action spring hinges
  • Sizes: 41-45
Phoebe Couture Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       Phoebe Couture Eyewear

  • Designed for Kay Unger's youngest generation of fans
  • Emulating the flirtatious petticoats and chic edging found in the Phoebe Couture dresses
  • The line's vibrant use of color has raised the bar for 20-something trendsetters
  • From the runway to the real world, Phoebe Couture offers the perfect eye-candy for any occasion
  • All Phoebe Couture frames are of Italian design
Phoebe Couture Sunwear

       Phoebe Couture Sunwear

  • High quality SOLA polarized lenses for the ultimate in clarity and sun protection
  • All frames are prescription friendly
  • Striking shapes and colors accentuate a woman's face
  • All frames are Italian made
  • The ultimate fashion accessory
SpongeBob Eyewear, Glasses and Frames

       SpongeBob Eyewear

  • Designs that kids just love and the quality and durability that leave Mom and Dad happy
  • Collection contains memory metal with semi-rimless and plastic models for children of all ages
  • Sophisticated details, vivid colors and a variety of frame styles round out the collection
Umbro Sunwear, Frames and Glasses

       Umbro Sunwear

  • Each lightweight model is prescription compatible
  • High quality polarized lenses to eliminate glare and provide superior quality
  • Sculpted, athletic accents
  • Aerodynamic designs with sporty, rubberized temples
Umbro Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       Umbro Eyewear

  • Constructed for off-the-field wear, frames offer strong lines, vibrant accents and sporty detailing for fans of all ages
  • Innovative construction and lightweight designs stand up to an active lifestyle
  • Sculpted, athletic designs feature rubberized temples, floating chassis and built-in bridges for optimum support
  • Frames are available in stainless steel, trendy flat metals and semi-rimless models
Umbro Youth Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       Unbro Youth Eyewear

  • Innovative construction and lightweight designs stand up to an active lifestyle
  • Contrasting colors and double diamond logo makes a statement on every frame
  • Double action spring hinges for the ultimate in flexibility
Van Huesen Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

      Van Huesen Eyewear

  • Classic tailoring - Upscale details
  • Masculine shapes that range from slightly edgy to tried and true
  • Innovative features for the utmost in comfort and style
  • Multiple collections
Wrangler Eyewear, Frames and Glasses

       Wrangler Eyewear

  • 'Distressed' finish options
  • Ultra-trim spring hinges on select styles
  • Impactful, signature temple tip designs
  • A broad range of on-trend, rectangular


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