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Luzerne Optical is proud to present our customers with these current optical promotions.
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Luzerne provides a variety of innovative and exclusive programs and services that will motivate as well as educate your staff and enhance practice profitability in the process.  The lab also assists in lowering your costs by establishing volume and buying group discounts, all of which are designed to assist eyecare professionals in retaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

•   The Luzerne Millennium Maximum Discount Program™

•   The Luzerne-Varilux Awards Program

•   Industrial Eyewear Program

•   Contact Lens Bank Program

•   Luzerne-Transitions Dispenser Incentive Program

•   Frame & Lens Package Programs

•   In-office seminars, Practice Development and Management, Business Review, Training of Ancillary Personnel and Technical Training for Lab Personnel.

•   WinkPad Touchscreen Technology for patient education.

•   Eyemaginations, eye related 3D animation for patient education.

•   Numerous Laboratory/Manufacturer sponsored promotions.

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