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Phoebe Couture Eyewear

Phoebe Couture is an alluring, flirtatious brand created by Kay Unger New York for the twenty-something woman.

With an edgier and more playful approach to fashion, Phoebe Couture is making heads turn everywhere!

Phoebe Couture has the same alluring aesthetic, quality and fit as Kay Unger New York, but with an edgier and more playful approach to fashion. Created for the 20-something trendsetter, Phoebe Couture offers unique fabric combinations, bold textures and sophisticated patterns.


  • Designed for Kay Unger's youngest generation of fans
  • Emulating the flirtatious petticoats and chic edging found in the Phoebe Couture dresses
  • The line's vibrant use of color has raised the bar for 20-something trendsetters
  • From the runway to the real world, Phoebe Couture offers the perfect eye-candy for any occasion
  • All Phoebe Couture frames are of Italian design

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