Zeiss PhotoFusion Self-Tinting Lenses

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PhotoFusion, the new self-tinting lenses from Zeiss, respond significantly faster to changing light than previous photochromic lenses offered by Zeiss. The secret is in the patented photo-active molecules that react in seconds to changing light conditions.


PhotoFusion Lenses



PhotoFusion lenses were tested at COLTS Laboratories, one of the most reliable and trusted independent testing facilities, and here were some of their findings:


PhotoFusion Activation Speed:PhotoFusion Lens Activation Speed


PhotoFusion Fade-back Speed Comparison Chart:PhotoFusion Fall-back Speed

• PhotoFusion lenses both darken and fade noticeably faster than other photochromic lenses, becoming darker and clearer more quickly. PhotoFusion lenses remain clearer than other photochromic lenses for up to 40 minutes or more when returning indoors.

• PhotoFusion lenses and other photochromic lenses do not show significant differences in luminous transmittance when darkened (activated), faded (clear), or across temperature extremes.

• PhotoFusion lenses are virtually just as dark as other photochromic lenses at even the hottest temperatures when activated.

• PhotoFusion lenses in every lens material-including hard resin-absorb 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation.



PhotoFusion Lens Colors:PhotoFusion Lens Colors

PhotoFusion (Gray & Brown) is currently available in Plastic, Poly and 1.67 materials in the following lenses:

• Zeiss GT2 & GT2 Short
• Zeiss Individual (Progressive)
• Zeiss Individual (Single Vision)
• Zeiss GT2 3DV
• Zeiss GT2 3D & 3D Short
• Sola HDV
• Sola One HD
• Sola Compact Ultra HD
• AO Easy HD



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