PolyCore 1.71 Lenses

PolyCore 1.71 is an Ultra High-Index Lens


POLYCORE 1.71 Ultra High-Index Lenses

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Gives You the Control
Polycore 1.71 single vision lenses are available from Luzerne Optical Laboratories and are processed in- house. This means you get an ultra high index product at the fast turnaround time you are accustomed to.  Ultimately, Polycore 1.71 gives you more control over job accuracy, job process time and the decision for add on treatments.


If you recommend AR, mirrors or tints for your patient, the choice is yours.  The factory applied hard coat will provide a great base for any treatment desired.  Finally, an ultra high index lens that can come with most AR brand you may choose.  You don’t have to limit your patient’s desires any longer.


More Cosmetically Appealing
With Polycore 1.71, you will achieve a thinner, flatter, more appealing lens for your patients with any prescription.  1.71 lenses can be processed to a 1.2mm center which ultimately achieves as much as 38% decrease in edge thickness when compared to conventional plastic surfaced to a 1.8mm center (-8.00 sph).


Excellent Options
Polycore 1.71 Ultra High Index lenses allow patients to experience a better clarity of vision than many other ultra high index materials.  It’s high Abbe Value of 36 compared to the majority of ultra high index materials offers you peace of mind that your patients will not only be satisfied with its cosmetic benefits, but also with the quality of optics Polycore 1.71 offers.


Drills Better
Polycore 1.71 has higher tensile strength than many other ultra high index materials.  Tensile strength is the measurement of the maximum tension the material can withstand without tearing, cracking or breaking.  Its tensile strength of 52.9 kgf surpasses conventional plastic and polycarbonate.  This equates to easier drilling for three piece mount frames and more durability while in the frame.


UV Safe
Polycore 1.71 material inherently blocks virtually 100% of UV at 390 nm.  This provides your patients premium protection from the sun.


For exceptional quality and service ask Luzerne Optical for 1.71 Ultra High-Index Lenses today!


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