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Your source for ordering spectacle lenses and frames!

  • Enter data ONCE in maximEyes and send electronic spectacle lens and frame orders to more than 200 labs nationwide. MaximEyes alerts you to possible errors before you send your order.
  • Using a built-in interface with maximEyes and VisionWeb*, send electronic spectacle lens orders to Essilor Laboratories of America (ELOA) without re-keying order information.
  • Order Truclear and Truclear HD products through ELOA labs using a built-in VisionWeb ordering interface (for Vision Source members only).
  • Get faster turnaround on products you order.
  • Real-time feedback on the status of orders you place.
  • Manage and track orders from one spot.
  • Submit traces with your orders.
  • Customize order entry screens.
  • Labs preload catalogs and specifications into
  • Know immediately what lens designs and materials are available — You’re less likely to order lenses with incorrect parameters.

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