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Seiko Super MV 1.67 (MaxVue)

Single Vision Double Aspheroc Hi-Index Lenses


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Seiko Super MV ( MaxVue ) 1.67: The world’s most advanced free-form single vision lens.

The first double-sided aspheric design technology from SEIKO provides the highest optical performance in a lens that is lighter, thinner and more comfortable than conventional spherical and aspheric designs.


Category: Clear Hi-Index Single Vision Aspheric (Free-Form)

Material:  1.67 Double Aspheric Hi-Index
Price List Power Range:  Plano to 8.00 Sphere .12 to 3.00 Cyl
Rx  Range:  Approximately -10.00D to +6.00D, out to a -5.00 cylinder (total power of approximately -10.00D) varies depending on eye size and cylinder.  Prescribed Prism maximum up to 3.00 Diopters on each eye at any angle.
Notes:  Back surface free-form produced in-house at Luzerne Optical.  Available with the following AR Coatings:   Zeiss Super ET, Zeiss Gold ET, EVC, Kodak KleAR, Seiko Super Hydro AR.  Please add appropriate AR price to the pricing below.


Lens Style Base
1.67 Super MV Double Aspheric (SEIKO)  Can’t Specify


Features & Benefits:

  • Thinner and lighter with flatter curves on both sides.  Comparable to 1.74 index lenses
  • Back surface free-form compensation virtually eliminates power error, distortion and marginal astigmatism.
  • Improved optics over all other single vision lenses with the widest peripheral vision.
  • Ideal for difficult Rx’s, especially high cylinder.


Technical Specifications:

Micro-engraving: (S)
Material: Super high-index MR-10 resin
Softening Point: Less heat sensitive, more stable and easier to process than conventional MR-7 resin.
Refractive index: 1.67
UV cutoff: 380nm
Density (g/cm³): 1.36
Safety: Most impact resistant. Significantly exceeds FDA Standards (finished).
Strength: Ideal for drill mountings.
Tensile strength: 50% stronger than polycarbonate. 3 times stronger than CR39 plastic.
Flexural Strength: Twice that of polycarbonate. Exceeds all other 1.67 & 1.66 lens products.
Abbe value: 32
Light transmittance: 91%. 99% when combined with an anti-reflective treatment.
Hard coating: Hi-impact double hardcoat consisting of a shock absorbing primer coat and scratch-resistant hardcoat.  Provides fast consistent tinting.
Power range: +6.00sph  to -10.00sph out to a -5.00cyl with up to 3 diopters of prism. Total power not to exceed -10.00 diopters.


Introducing Seiko Super MV 1.67, the world’s first 1.67 high index double-sides aspheric single vision lens from Seiko Optical, the leader in high index lens design.

Seiko Super MV 1.67 (MaxVue) lenses takes advantage of the latest in free-form lens technology to create the highest standard in terms of optical performance, thickness, lightness and comfort.

Seiko’s double aspheric design creates a thinner and lighter lens, with flatter curves on both sides. 

Super MV’s unique combination of low base curve and concave free-form aspheric design compensates for distortion, peripheral power error and astigmatic aberration in a balanced manner.  The result is exceptional clarity of vision throughout the entire lens, with significant improvement in the effective viewing area of the lens, especially in prescriptions with high cylinder.

Seiko Super MV lenses provide standard aspheric compensation on the front surface, which includes a Seiko-exclusive 10mm spherical fitting button in the lens center for instant patient accommodation.  The free-form back surface provides precise secondary aspheric/atoric compensation for each individual prescription.  The result is exceptionally wide peripheral vision with stable, comfortable vision throughout the entire lens.


Spherical Lens Design:
In a spherical lens designs, power errors are increased in the peripheral are of the lens.  The effective viewing range is therefore considerable limited.  Spherical lenses are also thicker and heavier.

Aspheric Lens Design:
In aspheric lens designs, the aspheric front surface controls astigmatism and power error in the spherical power, resulting in wider peripheral areas.  Aspheric lenses are thinner and lighter than spherical lenses.

Seiko Super MV Design:
In Super MV lenses, power error and marginal astigmatism in the peripheral area of the lens are optimized in the spherical and cylinder powers, significantly improving the effective viewing range.  The lens has an aspheric design on the front surface, precise secondary free-form aspheric compensation on the back surface and a 10mm spherical fitting button.  The result is optimal performance in each and every prescription.


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