Seiko Wrap Tech Thin

Seiko Wrap Tech Thin Lenses

Introducing SEIKO Wrap Tech Thin single vision lenses for wrap style (high base curve) eyewear. Designed to solve the problems associated with current high-base prescription eyewear, Wrap Tech Thin lenses apply SEIKO Internal Free-Form technology to deliver the best balance of clear vision and cosmetic appearance.

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  • Internal Free-Form technology achieves the most aberration-free vision in high base lenses
  • Advanced design corrects power error, marginal astigmatism and induced angle prism
  • Lightweight and thin 1.67 high-index material enhances fashionable curved frames
  • Wide, comfortable and precise vision to the periphery
  • Advanced, Seiko high-index hardcoat provides outstanding protection

The demand for highly curved prescription frames in clear and sunglasses is increasing, as wearers look for high tech fashions along with comfort and advanced optics. Some of the benefits are:

  • High fashion design
  • Wide peripheral view
  • UV protection from the side, and a barrier to dust and wind
  • Decreased backside reflections

Conventional high-base wrap eyewear designs create asymmetry between the nasal and temporal sides of the lens. This results in power error and astigmatism across the entire lens surface, which causes uncomfortable, distorted, and over or under corrected vision throughout both eyes. Prism error is also created due to the angle between the line of vision and the lens optical axis, resulting in eye fatigue and visual discomfort.


Seiko Wrap Tech Thin Lenses



Wrap Tech Thin lenses use a free-form panoramic, aspheric and asymmetric design that corrects power error and astigmatism across the lens surface. The aspheric design is optimized for each meridian, creating a 50mm wide 'sweet spot' of comfortable, natural vision centered at the fitting point.

A frame-specific correction is calculated to compensate for the prismatic error that occurs due to the difference between the optical axis and the line of vision. Advanced free-form style-thinning technology is then incorporated to produce the thinnest lenses possible.


Seiko Wrap Tech Thin Aspheric Design



Wrap Tech Thin lenses are made from 1.67 high-index plastic. They are available in 6 and 8 base in the following categories:

  • Clear with exclusive SEIKO hardcoat provides durable scratch protection.
  • Polarized. Brown and gray polarized lenses reduce blinding glare when driving or when outdoors in bright sunlight.
  • SEIKO Sportswear Transitions SOLFX lenses are a perfect choice for people who demand dynamic sunwear. Their light green-gray G15 color tint indoors changes to 85% sunglass shade outdoors when exposed to UV light. This green-gray color space allows true color recognition, providing the wearer with clearer, more vivid "color enhanced vision."
  • Mirror coatings and anti-reflective coatings are also available on all Wrap Tech Thin lenses.

When ordering, it is important to supply accurate measurements, especially frame wrap angle. Consult the Wrap Tech Thin Order Form for instructions and measuring guides and always be sure the lenses will cut out correctly. To accommodate larger wrap-style frame shapes, Wrap Tech Thin lenses are automatically decentered 5mm or 10mm, giving the lens an effective diameter of 80 or 85mm.



Seiko Wrap Tech Thin




Design: Internal Free-Form, panoramic, asymmetric, aspheric

Base Curves: 6.00D & 8.00D (75mm)

Material Index: 1.67 (MR-10) in Clear, Polarized (Gray and Brown), and Sportswear Transitions® SOLFXTM lenses

Abbe Value: 32

Density: 1.36 g/cm3

Decentration: 5mm or 10mm (automatic)

UV Cutoff: 400nm (all materials)

Coatings: High index hardcoat

Prism: 0.25 to 3.00D diopters (6 Base only)


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