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Shamir Autograph® - Shamir Product Catalog

Freeform® 101
Okay, here’s the skinny. Autograph® is a Freeform® lens. Still not quite sure what the differences between semi finished PALs and Freeform® PALs are? We’ve got you covered... semi-finished progressives are made when the progressive lens design is cast into a mold, the design is on the front and the patient’s Rx is later ground onto the back of the lens. Made at the lab, Freeform® lenses start from a single vision blank and are ground with precision using special machines. The design and the patient’s Rx are on the back of the lens. Our easy access diagram below explains everything.


Are Freeform® lenses that much better than semi-finished?
Yes! Semi-finished lenses are all created from a mold. While the first lens cast from the mold is “perfect,” through time the mold slowly suffers from slight degradations and ultimately the design isn’t as “perfect” as it was in the first batch. This loss of optical design does not occur in Freeform® lenses, such as Autograph®, because each one is created from a Freeform® machine, right on the spot and not from a 20th century mold. The lens is also personalized to fit the patient’s needs and both the patient’s Rx and the optical design are on the back of the lens which opens up the fields of vision for the patient. Want more benefits? Autograph® virtually eliminates unwanted astigmatism, swim and peripheral distortions providing maximized fields of vision. If you ask us, there’s no competition here.


Shamir Autograph Back-Surface Design


Give your patients a lens for every lifestyle.
Autograph II® - with Autograph II® you give your patient a lens that’s personalized to their optical measurements and prescription needs. With Autograph II® these parameters are integrated into a state-of-the-art computation  process using EyePoint Technology® and Prescriptor® software, which specifically calculate lenses for the wearer before the final production process. If you haven’t guessed there is a whole lot of technology that goes into each Autograph® lens. This back-surface gem of a lens provides 20% wider fields of vision and precise optics up to 1/100 of a diopter, did we mention that it’s also available in fitting heights from 11mm and up? Talk about short!


Autograph II – Office™ - when your patients are at work, or toying with their hobbies, they may not require distance vision. But they are in dire need of wide intermediate and near zones – good thing Shamir has the solution for them: Autograph II – Office™. Here’s how we personalize Autograph II – Office™ to fit your patient’s job or extracurricular activities: by capturing the patient’s distinct measurements (including pupilary distance, refraction and the measured distances of the work zone) the produced Autograph II – Office™ will result in the intermediate and reading zones being personalized specifically for the use intended.


Autograph II – Attitude™ - being an active presbyope wearing aerodynamic wrap sunglasses over your prescription glasses kind of defeats the whole purpose of wind resistance. Don’t let your patients suffer - put them in a lens that will not only allow them to wear their wrap and fashion frames, but will provide them with the full customization Autograph® has to offer with Autograph II – Attitude™. This amazing lens eliminates visual problems such as peripheral distortion and power errors in the line of sight; and its de-centered, fully aspheric back-surface results in a premium wrap progressive that offers optimal zone widths and clear, distortion-free viewing. If you know any non-presbyopes that may require prescription lenses for their wrap or fashion frames, we thought of them too – Autograph II – Single Vision Attitude™.


Autograph II – Single Vision™ - so as Shamir branches out, we want to share the greatness that is Autograph® with your younger patients... so we designed Autograph II – Single Vision™. A fully aspheric, back-surface lens custom-made for the single vision patient, this lens is perfect for any single vision patient, including those with high-powered prescriptions.


Direct Lens Technology® & Prescriptor® Software
Transferring all of the patient’s measurements along with the one-of-a-kind design is the work of our Direct Lens Technology® matched with the brainiac computer skills of our Prescriptor® software. With lightning speed, that info is passed onto the Freeform® production equipment which then takes its diamond lathe and grinds the Autograph® design onto the back surface of the lens. What comes out is amazing... a personalized lens with the highest optical accuracy and 20% wider fields of vision.


Free Frame Technology™
Based on the frame a patient chooses, FreeFrame Technology™ will adapt the design to provide the optimal position for full reading power. Yes, that’s right! Your patients can now wear progressives in ANY frame they choose.

• Allows for infinite corridor lengths from 11mm and up
• Dynamically positions full reading area inside any frame!
• Chooses best design for the frame shape


As-Worn Technology™
To provide patients even better optics than before, we took Autograph® to the next level by pumping up the level of personalization. With As-Worn Technology™ we use three different measurements to create a lens that’s even better suited for the patient; with the vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and panoramic angle we can fine-tune the lens unlike ever before.*


The low down on Autograph®

The benefits
• Includes groundbreaking technologies: FreeFrame Technology™, As-Worn Technology™, Direct Lens Technology® and EyePoint Technology®
• Back-surface Freeform® design
• 20% wider fields of vision
• Fully personalized lens
Why patients need it...
• Personalized lens to the patient’s lifestyle
• Allows them the freedom to choose any frame
• Highest level of optical design resolution (up to 1/100 diopters)


Shamir Element™ - Shamir product Catalog

When more is too much, stick with the Element™
We like to think that we understand consumers and where they’re coming from; so when it was brought to our attention that some consumers really like what the Autograph® had to offer but couldn’t afford the price, we decided that it was our job to help them out. The answer: Shamir Element™, our elementary Freeform® lens!

With Element™ your patients get a semi-personalized progressive lens made just for them. So what does semi-personalized mean? Well, Element™ doesn’t have all the same bells and whistles that Autograph® does, but the design is still customized based on some of the patients personal measurements (Rx, PD, seg height, frame measurements) and the design and Rx are still on the back-surface of the lens. It’s a reasonably priced alternative to the Autograph® that still allows for a semi-personalized lens, created to the highest level of optical accuracy (up to 1/100 diopters) and provides up to 20% wider fields of vision. With these benefits and at a price that will make them smile, no patient can turn down Element™. It’s elementary!


The low down on Element™
The benefits
• Back-surface Freeform® design
• 20% wider fields of vision
• Semi-personalized to the patient
• Designed with EyePoint Technology®
Why patients need it...
• Wider fields of vision
• Semi-personalized to the patient
• Reasonably priced Freeform® progressive

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