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Shamir Relax

Shamir Relax

Shamir Relax™ - Does ease the strain normally associated with prolonged accommodation. If your patients spend the majority of their work day reading or using a computer to complete tasks, the muscles in their eyes are constantly working to focus on these near and mid-range objects, ultimately resulting in visual fatigue.





By utilizing Shamir Relax™, your patients lens accommodations will be reduced by up to 30%, providing them with renewed energy for their life outside of work. Shamir Relax™ is the relief your patients have been looking for. Prescribe Shamir Relax™ to all your single vision and pre-presbyopic patients (or even your non-prescription patients), who have symptoms of visual fatigue. Like we said, they will love you.



Quick Take: Shamir is launching its newest Freeform product, Shamir Relax, a single vision design intended to relieve visual fatigue. Available in high-index 1.60 and polycarbonate.

Wearer: Single vision patients and pre-presbyopes who spend most of their work day reading and using the computer.

Specifics: Relax incorporates 0.65D add power in the lower part of the lens, so the eye muscles are not forced to work as hard at accommodation. Accommodations will be reduced by up to 30 percent, providing patients with renewed energy at the end of the day. Because the power is so slight, Relax is suitable for single vision lens wearers as well as non-Rx patients, Shamir said.



With Shamir Relax™, our mensa-like scientists have incorporated extra ADD Power in the lower part of the lens, so the eye muscles don’t have to work as hard at accommodation. It’s a single vision fatigue relief lens that relieves strain on the eye muscles and leaves your patients feeling more energized and refreshed at the end of the day.


Shamir Relax



The benefits:
• Fatigue relief solution for single vision patients
• No distortion or swim
• Reduces lens accommodation by 30%
• 16mm fitting height
• Designed with EyePoint Technology®


Shamir Fatigue Relief



Why patients need it...
• Prevents symptoms brought on by visual fatigue
• Perfect for tasks completed from near to mid-range distance
• Suitable for non-prescription patients who experience visual fatigue
• Fast and easy adaptation


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