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Shamir Spectrum Lenses

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With Shamir Spectrum™ lenses, we decided to widen the reading area and corridor width to provide more comfortable vision zones for your patients. How wide are they? Compared to Element™, we’ve been able to increase the width by up to 20% (now that’s wide). But wait, we’re not done. What’s vision without stability? Unstable. So our R&D team decided that patients deserved a little more power stability in the far vision zone. Here are the technologies that take Spectrum™ to the next level:

Shamir Spectrum Lenses

EyePoint Technology®
Shamir’s ground-breaking 3D ray tracing program that simulates the human eye at every angle of vision and optical zone, to predict how an image will be perceived by the brain. EyePoint Technology® takes these predictions into account and develops a lens design with aspheric/atoric compensations, providing the exact power to the user at all eye points. This is the basis of all Shamir’s product designs.

Direct Lens Technology® & Prescriptor® Software
Transferring this data to the back surface of the lens is the combined effort of Shamir’s Direct Lens Technology® and Prescriptor® software, which captures each patients personalized information (Rx, PD, frame measurements and personal lifestyle preferences) and selects the design file required to generate a personalized lens. This information is then sent to the freeform production equipment which grinds the Spectrum™ design on the back surface of the lens, producing a personalized, custom made Spectrum™ lens, created to the highest level of optical accuracy (0.01 diopters) and 20% wider fields of vision.


Shamir is debuting Shamir Spectrum in both Progressive and Single Vision Freeform designs. Positioned as a mid-tier Freeform product, Shamir Spectrum will provide improved optical benefits over the Shamir Element; however will not be available with the in-depth “as-worn” personalization that Shamir’s Autograph II designs provide. With more stability in the far vision zone and up to 20 percent wider corridors, Shamir Spectrum’s soft design will be the ideal solution for patients requiring increased comfort in a Freeform design, without the enhanced personalization of the Autograph II design. Shamir Spectrum will be available in 14mm, 16mm and 18mm fitting heights.

SHAMIR SPECTRUM IS SOFT, WIDE, AND STABLE. The new Spectrum™ mid-tier Freeform® design is positioned between the Element™ and Autograph II® lenses. Available through Shamir’s network of Autograph® partner labs, Spectrum incorporates a wider reading area and corridor width. Compared to Element, Spectrum’s corridor width has been increased by up to 20%. Spectrum is a soft, back-surface design, which incorporates EyePoint Technology®, Direct Lens Technology®, and wider fields of vision. It is available in three fitting heights—14 mm, 16mm, and 18mm.


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