TheraBlue Lenses

TheraBlue Lenses are The Latest Technology
in UV and HEV Blue Light Protection

TheraBlue UV and HEV Lenses


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TheraBlue is unlike other blue light protection products in today’s marketplace in several ways.

  • TheraBlue is a clearer lens unlike other products.

  • The UV Ray and HEV Blue Light Protection comes from the lens material itself.

  • TheraBlue is not a coating like some other products on the market and does not have a purple or blue reflective color that some may object to.

  • TheraBlue does not have a yellow, orange, or peach color pigment like some other products on the market that some may object to.

  • TheraBlue is available in four different materials: 1.67, 1.60, impact resistant 1.56 and polycarbonate.

  • TheraBlue is compatible with a wide variety of Anti-Reflective Coatings and can be ordered with or without AR.

  • TheraBlue is available in Single Vision, Progressive lenses, Digital Round 22, Digital Round 25, and Digital Round 28 bifocals and computer lenses in all three materials.

  • TheraBlue is also available in finished stock single vision lenses in 1.67 aspheric with AR coat¬ing and 1.56 impact resistant lens with AR coating. Both are available in a greater Rx range than other blue light solution products on the market.


TheraBlue Blue Light Graph


How TheraBlue Lenses Work

TheraBlue selectively filters the damaging HEV Blue Light (Blue Violet) which studies show may lead to Digital Eye Strain, cause permanent eye damage and increase the risk of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration). At the same time, TheraBlue allows for the good Blue Light (Blue Turquoise) which is known to positively regu­late circadian rhythym, memory and cognitive function, elevate moods and boost alertness.


Some of the leading Blue Light products on the market are coatings which reflect the Blue Light. TheraBlue absorbs and filters the Blue Light.



Lab Tested Results are:

TheraBlue Lens Actual Lab Test Results




Protect Your Vision and Protect Your Child’s Vision
Against Today’s Increasing HEV Blue Light Exposure


TheraBlue Protects eyes from Computer, Iphones and other electronics radiated Blue Light

Why is HEV Blue Light protection more important today than in years past? Because we are being bombarded by this HEV Blue Light more than ever and its only going to increase.


Sources of HEV Blue Light:
·               Digital Screens (TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones, video games,                 electronic devices)
·               Fluorescent Lighting
·               LED Lighting
·               The Sun


Adults are being exposed to this blue light more than ever but our children are being exposed to a high degree of it beginning at a younger age than we did and to a much greater degree.

TheraBlue provides this important protection from the dangers of UV rays and HEV Blue Light.

The Dermatology industry has been highly successful in pointing out the dangers of UV and the need for skin protection. Don’t your critically im­portant eyes and your children’s eyes deserve protection?

This bad blue light can contribute to tired eyes, poorer night vision, loss of sharp contrast vision, light sensitivity and glare. Studies are also showing it can contribute to risk of onset cata­racts, macular degeneration, problem­atic sleep patterns, headaches, focus and behavioral issues.

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