Transitions Lauched MAP Program to Help ECP's

Transitions Launched MAP Program,
Offering ECPs Info on Local Markets!


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SALT LAKE CITY (July 2011)—During last week’s Optometry’s Meeting here, Transitions Optical unveiled a new program called MAP (Market Area Profile), designed to help eyecare professionals learn more about the demographics and economic climate of their local markets.

“Many practices are aware that marketing is important, but they don’t necessarily have resources to tailor their programs to reach patients with the best revenue potential,” explained Dana Reid, Transitions’ senior marketing specialist-ECP communications. Since demographics such as ethnicity, age and lifestyle influence the amount and type of vision products and services consumers purchase, Reid said, “understanding which

target audiences are prominent in the area where they practice, and the opportunities associated, can help ECPs customize their outreach to these groups, which is a more effective way to reach them than a one-size-fits all approach.”

The Transitions MAP program—available free through the company’s trade portal at—can also link ECPs to other resources they can use to reach target audiences.

To navigate the new program, which launched June 15, visitors enter their practice’s zip code, generating an interactive market-area map that outlines the geographic vicinity in which most of the practice’s current patients and potential new customers likely reside. Users can then access detailed descriptions of consumer segments on their market area by target audience, including information on demographic characteristics.

Data can also be obtained on the average amount spent on eyewear by zip code; information about the area’s competitive landscape can help practices fine-tune marketing tactics to stand out from the competition, according to the company.

A Transitions spokesperson told VMail the MAP program “will keep evolving,” with additional functions being added as the tool develops.



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