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Varilux Ipseo IV Lenses


In addition to incorporating each patient’s unique visual behaviors into the design, Varilux Ipseo IV™
goes one step further with W.A.V.E. Technology 2™.

W.A.V.E. Technology 2: Unsurpassed Visual Performance

W.A.V.E. (Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement) Technology 2 has a powerful impact on patients’ overall quality of vision. By analyzing the entire wavefront, lens designers can calculate targeted
optical functions for each point and each gaze direction.

The result of these complex analyses is a lens design that reduces or eliminates
higher order aberrations, resulting in unsurpassed visual performance.

W.A.V.E. Technology 2 Lens Wearers Enjoy:

• Safer, more confident night driving

• Less strain during low- light reading, television and computer usage

• Reduction of swim and ease of adaption


The DualOptix™ Difference

Varilux Ipseo IV also offers the advanced technology of Essilor’s DualOptix.. With DualOptix two progressive surfaces work together to modify and control distortions. On lenses with a one surface design, the curvature of the lens is directly linked to the lens power, which gives rise to distortions.

The DualOptix Advantage

• Greater precision and accuracy of surfacing

• An unlimited ability to customize patients’ visual demands

• Infinite ability to improve lens design

DualOptix™ uses both sides of the lens to optimize vision even more.

Varilux Ipseo IV Specifications


The Individualized Visual Experience of Varilux Ipseo IV™ Lenses with W.A.V.E. Technology 2™

Since their inception, Varilux® Ipseo® lenses have taken into account your patients’ unique pattern of visual behavior. In fact, they are the only lenses to incorporate your patients’ distinct pattern of head and eye movement. (see image below)

Varilux Ipseo Eye Movement

The visual experience Varilux Ipseo IV lenses represent is the pinnacle of Varilux lens technology.

Now, Varilux has improved upon this technology by adding the power of W.A.V.E. Technology 2 and DualOptix™.

Sharper Vision – In Any Light

Varilux Ipseo IV has taken individualized vision to another level. With new W.A.V.E. Technology 2, you can further customize lenses for your patients.

With the ability to reduce aberrations by managing distortions, W.A.V.E. Technology 2 gives patients better visual contrast in low light. This has a powerful impact on patients’ overall quality of vision giving them the sharpest vision at all distances and in any light condition.

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