Varilux S Series Lenses

Varilux S Series Lenses

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Varilux S Series Lenses

Luzerne Optical is Pleased to Presents:

Varilux-S Series – Limitless Vision Lenses

Launching July 2012


Varilux S Series Lens Styles:

Varilux S Series Lens Styles

Varilux S Series

Varilux S Series™ provides Limitless Vision™ whatever the situation.

This new range is composed of 3 exceptional products:

Varilux S Design
Backed by two ground-breaking technologies
– Nanoptix™ Technology and SynchronEyes™ Technology – Varilux S Design lenses are at the core the Varilux S Series. Varilux S Design lenses are available in regular and short versions.

Varilux S Fit
Varilux S Fit lenses are the first step towards personalization
within the Varilux S Series. Besides offering the advantages of Nanoptix and SynchronEyes Technologies, Varilux S Fit lenses also include position of wear measurements – Pantoscopic tilt, Wrap angle and Vertex distance.

Varilux S 4D
Backed by Nanoptix, SynchronEyes and the ground-breaking 4D Technology,
Varilux S 4D lenses are a revolution in lens personalization. Varilux S 4D lenses are exclusive to Visioffice® doctors. In addition to position of wear, natural head posture and eye rotation center, Varilux S 4D lenses also include the leading, dominant eye measurement that allows patients to experience faster visual reaction time.




Digital Surfacing up to 5 times more accurate

Varilux S SeriesTM introduces the next generation in DualOptixTM lenses. Due to the revolutionary technology in the Varilux S Series, the digital surfacing process had to be enhanced to support the advancements. This new digital surfacing process is based on a new active loop that uses the accurate measurement of the lens position in the blocker when surfacing with the diamond tool. Keep in mind that unlike others, we did not create a digital process to sell a new lens design. We identified patients’ unmet needs and to meet these needs created revolutionary technologies that required a new digital surfacing process.


Based on 3 Revolutions:


1. Lens Technology – Nanoptix™:  A Revolution in Lens Technology

Nanoptix entirely reengineers the fundamental structure of the lens during the design Calculation process. The lens surface is made up of many optical elements, which are then re-engineered to allow light to pass through each optical element, without the unwanted deviation of light that causes swim effect.

Nanoptix is a new method of creating and managing optical elements.

  • Each optical element manages the curve effect on the front and power effect on the back. The result: a ray of light can pass through each optical element without deviation.

  • When combined, the optical elements work together throughout the lens for continuity. The result: virtually eliminates swim effect. Patients experience: Stability in Motion.

Outcome: Continuity throughout the lens without light deviation.

 Result of Nanoptix: For the first time, a lens that not only virtually eliminates swim effect, but also offers never before achieved stability in motion.

Patient Benefit: Stability in Motion.

Nanoptix Wearer Test Results:

  • When compared to Varilux Physio Enhanced, Varilux S Design was ranked #1 in motion stability in a dynamic environment.

  • Wearers adapted immediately to Varilux S Design.



2. Lens Design – SynchronEyes™ Technology:  A Revolution in Lens Design

For the first time in progressive design, SynchronEyes Technology uses the Rx from the left eye and right eye to simultaneously calculate the lenses as a pair. This ensures that the design is built around both eyes working together as a visual system.

SynchronEyes Technology ensures both eyes work together as one visual system.

The result: Better retinal image matching and improved spatial perception, providing more expansive vision from edge to edge than ever before available in a progressive lens.

Patients experience: Expansive Vision.

Outcome: Your left and right eye work together as one visual system.

Result of SynchronEyes:  Edge-to-edge clarity in every gaze direction.

Patient Benefit: Expansive Vision.


Take notice in each of the next 3 images below the location of the "Prescription eye Differences" slider in center left; the clarity of the cell phone, the dashboard and mountains in the upper Digital Progressive portion of the image vs. the Varilux S Series in the lower portion of each image..

Varilux S Series VS Digital Progressive


Varilux S Series VS Digital Progressive


Varilux S Series VS Digital Progressive

SynchronEyes Wearer Test Results:

  • Wearers noticed the largest improvement in the intermediate zone.

  • 95% of patients rated their overall vision as excellent!



3. Personalization – 4D Technology™:  A Revolution in Personalization

Within Varilux S Series, an exclusive version for Visioffice ECPs.

Just as we are right handed or left handed, we also have a leading dominant eye:

  • The leading dominant eye reaches the object being viewed first, when we change gaze direction.

  • Optical blur on the leading dominant eye impacts the visual reaction time.

  • By taking the leading dominant eye into account the design is altered during the lens calculation to give the best optical performance for the visual system.

  • The result: quicker access to every area of the lens.

  • Patients experience: Faster Visual Reaction Time.


Varilux S 4D not only incorporates the unique personalized measurement of the leading dominant eye, it also takes into account other personalized measurements from the Visioffice system such as:

  • ERC

  • Natural Head Posture

  • Position of Wear

Outcome: Personalized lenses, that cater to the leading dominant eye.

Result of 4D Technology: Ultimate personalization Patient Benefit: Faster Visual Reaction Time.



3 Exclusive Revolutions, for the Highest Level of Performance:

Varilux S Series Technology

  • Nanoptix: A revolution in lens technology.

  • SynchronEyes™: A revolution in lens design.

  • 4D Technology™: A revolution in personalization.


Varilux S Design Wearer Test Results:

Varilux S Series™ have been tested and approved by wearers from all over the world.
They highlighted the excellence of Varilux S Series over Varilux Physio Enhanced*.

Varilux S Series is #1 on every feature.
· Overall Vision
· Distance Vision
· Intermediate Vision
· Near Vision
· Dynamic Vision when subject is moving
· Dynamic Vision when surroundings are moving
· Adaptation
· Vision quality

What Patients said about Varilux S Series:
· Overall distortion isn’t visible anymore
· I have to move my head less to focus
· I feel less of a sensation of things moving when I turn my head



Visioffice System Updates:

  • Visioffice webinars - mid-June 2012
  • Varilux S 4D Launch Kit delivery - late June 2012
  • Visioffice Software Update - late June 2012
  • Varilux S Series launch – July 2012
  • All Varilux S Series lenses are eligible for the Visioffice Rebate program.


What are the Minimum Fitting Heights for the Varilux S Series™?
Varilux S Design™ = 14mm or 17mm Varilux S Fit™ = 14mm
Varilux S 4D™ Technology = 14mm


What is the range availability?

Varilux S Series™



Power Range

ADD Power


1.50 Index Plastic Transitions®! Clear


+6.00 to -10.00

.75 to 4.00


Airwear® Transitions® /Clear


+6.00 to -10.00

.75 to 4.00


Thin&Lite® 1.67lransitions®/Clear


+9.00to -12.00

.75to 4.00


Thin&Lite® 1.74

Coming Soon

Airwear® Poly Polar

Coming Soon



What are the required measurements for the Varilux S Series?


Varilux S Design™

Varilux S Fit™

*Varilux S 4D™

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance

Fitting Height

Fitting Height
(Progression length -

Fitting Height
(Progression length -


Pantoscopic Tilt

Pantoscopic Tilt

Wrap Angle

Wrap Angle

Vertex Distance

Eye Rotation Center
(Replaces Vertex


Leading, Dominant

Natural Head

Reading Distance

Movement         and
Stability Coefficient (optional)


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