VisionFit Dispensing System (VFDS)



VisionFit Dispensing System™ (VFDS)

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Luzerne Optical Releases Digital Fitting System for the iPad:
VisionFit Dispensing System™(VFDS)


VFDS - VisionFit Dispensing System™

Luzerne Optical is very excited to announce the release of the VisionFit Dispensing System™ Application for the Apple iPad IV or iPad Mini. The system app aids in eyewear selection, lens education and multifocal measurements. It features fully interactive Augmented Reality for consumer-oriented sales consultations.


The VisionFit Dispensing System takes pictures and five second video of patients to help them select their frame. They can see themselves wearing up to four frames on the screen and compare them. Pictures and videos can be e-mailed to the patient or be used to update their Facebook page.


The Luzerne Optical VisionFit Dispensing System™ application will also educate the patient about:

  • Refractive Vision Disorders
  • Anti-Reflective Lenses
  • Anti-Fog Coatings
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Edge and Center Thickness Calculations
  • Photochromic Lenses
  • Digital / Freeform Lenses
  • Multifocal Lens Comparison
  • Progressive Lens Tutorial
  • Other Products

iFDS - iFit Dispensing System




Using the Smart Centration technology, the VFDS will accurately measure the parameters necessary to fit today’s advanced lens designs including:

  • Fitting Height
  • Near and Far PD
  • Frame Box Measurements
  • Position of Wear (POW) Measurements


The system comes with a special cover and camera for your iPad and a frame reference device (FRED).


PLEASE NOTE that this sys­tem requires the iPad IV or the iPad Mini. The measurement fea­ture of the app WILL NOT work with earlier versions of the iPad.


For more information on the VisionFit Dispensing System™ contact your Luzerne Optical Sales Representative and fill out form here: VFDS - VisionFit Dispensing System Order Form




VisionFit Dispensing System™ Pricing

Pricing includes the iPad IV VisionFit cover or iPad Mini VisionFit cover, camera attachment, and frame ref­erence device (FRED).

Please also note that all future updates to the Luzerne Optical VisionFit Dispensing System™ App will be available on iTunes at no charge for the life of the system. This pricing DOES NOT include the iPad 4 or iPad Mini.


IMPORTANT: Your iPad 4 or iPad Mini must be Wi-Fi Enabled.

Luzerne Optical Special Pricing $1,600.00

$99.99 of this amount is paid directly to Apple when downloading the app through your App Store account. Luzerne Optical bills your account $1,500.00. This is $600.00 below the suggested retail pricing of $2,200.00.


Luzerne Optical Rebate -$1,600.00

Luzerne Optical will rebate back to your office $10.00 for every pair of Digital/Freeform progressives that is produced in-house and is paired with a premium anti-reflective coating. The rebate will be processed in the form of an individual invoice credit and will be in effect until the ENTIRE purchase price of $1600.00 is rebated. Remakes or discounted jobs are not included.


Digital/Freeform Progressives Included in the Rebate Program:
This includes Varilux, Hoya, Shamir, Seiko, Zeiss and SightStar365. Products such as the Essilor 1.74 index lenses or any other Digital/Freeform progressives that are not produced in-house are not included in this rebate program.


Premium AR Coatings Included in the Rebate Program :





AGT Platinum

Kodak Clean&CleAR

Crizal Avance UV

HOYA View Protect UNITY Elite UV

AGT Silver

Kodak Clean&CleAR UV

Crizal Alize UV


AGT Ultimate

Kodak CleAR+

Crizal Easy UV

  UNITY Classic UV

AGT Advanced


Crizal Sunshield UV


AGT Select




AGT Plus





EVC - Enhanced Visual Clarity        



RETURN POLICY: No trial period or refunds. All sales are final.



Press Release



Luzerne Optical Releases
Digital Fitting System for the iPad


WILKES-BARRE, PA, June 25, 2013

Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd., the largest single location, family-owned and operated independent wholesale optical laboratory in the United States, is proud to announce the release of its iPad-based fitting and dispensing system, VFDS  (VisionFit Dispensing System™).


The system works with the most current iPad and iPad Mini tablets.  VFDS is more than just a tool for taking the POW (Position Of Wear) measurements required for today’s most sophisticated lens designs. It offers eye care professionals the ability to help their patients with frame selection using either still or video photography, lens material and lens treatment selections utilizing a fully augmented reality platform.


Luzerne Optical’s unique system will allow both simulated and real-time demonstrations of lens options including: photochromics, polarization, anti-reflective and anti-fog treatments.  It also allows eye care professionals to compare lens material properties including both center and edge thicknesses and spherical, aspheric and double aspheric lens designs. ECP’s currently using the system have experienced a 20 percent plus increase in premium lens sales.

The VisionFit Dispensing System™ (VFDS) application includes a cover and camera designed specifically for the iPad IV and iPad Mini as well as a frame reference device to enable the user to provide the lab with accurate fitting information.  Provides precise PD and seg height measurements with one system.  Eliminates the number one remake reason of inaccurate fitting height measurements which result in patient dissatisfaction.  VFDS is compatible with any lens product and design.


For details on Luzerne Optical’s 100% reimbursement program and more information, contact your Luzerne Optical Sales Representative.




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