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Zeiss Anti Refelctive (AR) Coatings


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ZEISS invented the anti-reflective coating almost 75 years ago. We’ve been building on that breakthrough technology ever since, making AR coatings that are clearer, more durable and more convenient to use. With PureCoat™ by ZEISS, we’ve created our best-performing AR coating ever.


PureCoat™ by ZEISS: PureCoat by ZEISS provides an unsurpassed combination of clarity, dust
resistance and easy cleaning keeping your patients’ focus on the world, not the lenses. PureCoat utilizes advanced anti-static technology which keeps lenses cleaner, longer. PureCoat combines its anti-static technology with a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic topcoat that lasts the life of the prescription.

Carat Advantage® by ZEISS: Combines the outstanding scratch resistance of the ZEISS Foundation ® hard coat with excellent AR properties and a super-hydrophobic topcoat that repels water, dirt, dust and smudges.

Teflon® Clear Coat Lenses: Teflon Clear Coat Lenses have taken AR to a whole new level. Clearer, tougher, easier to clean and more enduring than ordinary anti-reflective coatings, Teflon Clear Coat Lenses are the only AR product backed by one of the world’s most recognized brands: Teflon.

Allure AR™ by ZEISS: Provides easy cleaning with its super-hydrophobic and oleophobic topcoat and advanced scratch-resistance.


From the Leader in Precision Optics
For over 160 years, ZEISS has been the world leader in precision optics. From microsurgery to scientific research, Hollywood filmmaking and the U.S. space program, professionals choose ZEISS for the best in clarity, precision and quality. ZEISS pioneered many of the innovations that define modern eyeglasses. And today we continue to evolve the science of optics for one simple reason: to create a higher level of clarity in eyewear that is completely personalized to your patients’ vision and lifestyle.


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