Optical Jobs (Classifieds)

OPTICAL JOBS (Classifieds)


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Luzerne Optical is seeking Independent Sales Representatives in most states

America’s leading independent wholesale optical laboratory offers all the best lens products, coatings and services. This is an excellent opportunity to offer Eye Care Professionals in your area the very finest Rx, stock, contact lenses, AR/mirror coatings and frames in the industry.
A one-stop shop for all the leading brands: Varilux, Hoya, Shamir, Essilor, Signet Armorlite, IOT, Younger, Vision-Ease, X-Cel, Seiko, Shore, BluTech and many others.

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Luzerne Optical is also seeking in-house laboratory positions.

Luzerne Optical is also seeking talented individuals for surfacing production, finishing production, AR coating production, Customer Service/Online Entry and Quality Control.

Replies are strictly confidential. Please forward your resume to: neil@luzerneoptical.com

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Optical Lab Jobs

Luzerne Optical is always looking for individuals possessing:

Positive attitude
Good work ethic
Strong communication skills
Good management skills
Exceeds expectations
Optical experience a plus